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Our Pest Control was established with a total commitment to absolute best quality control services for both preemptive care, and in emergency care at affordable prices. Our expertise and experience is second to none in the city. The reviews of our services are a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of our professional exterminators. We will always finish the job with helpful tips that you can use to maintain a vermin free place.


​If you are in the process of listing your home in Toronto then you are likely aware of the extremely competitive real estate market scenario. House sales have slowed but you need to be competitive with all aspects and buyers are looking closer than ever at a premise before making an offer. Don't get caught with your guard down as an unwanted insect, or animal droppings are evident during a showing.  Call us for best pest control before you are showing your house and well make sure you have a clean bill of health pest wise. Our Toronto pest control service offers protection from a range of domestic pests such as Mice, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fleas and larger rodents.

Cockroach Removal Service

Cockroaches love to make heated moist environments their preferred home. They are ready to infest public, commercial or residential buildings. Getting rid of cockroaches requires professionals and we have found that our own, up to date system works remarkably well.  Trust GTA Toronto Pest Control to eliminate any and all of your pest infestations and all future concerns whether in the downtown part of Toronto or in the suburbs like Etobicoke, North York. or Scarborough.​ If you are outside this area, we offer pest control in Mississauga.

Bed Bugs Extermination Service

​if even one region is overlooked, an infestation can reappear in short order. Bedbugs typically bite during your sleep, which can lead to extensive sleep deprivation. Their feces can also sully your expensive linen and covers.  Our company uses avant garde extermination methods like Heat and Chemical Treatment that ensures total elimination of bed bugs from your home with next to no re-infestation issues

It is imperative that you ensure no damage to your assets by Bed Bugs or any other pests. GTA Toronto exterminators will identify, treat and destroy an infestation by bed bugs; then further ensuring that they don't come back. Our team will re-establish any spoiled areas and will prepare for potential problems during our inspection.

We provide many more extermination services with our dozens of pest elimination experts ready to take on any challengers. From Oshawa to Guelph up to Newmarket, we are the best Toronto pest control service - No ifs, ands, or bugs.

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Toronto, Canada's largest city, is situated in Southern Ontario on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario. With beautiful greenscapes of ravines, rivers and woodlands, mixed amid breathtaking architecture and older buildings, Toronto boasts a vibrancy that is hard to miss and is a great place to call home. Like most cities, pests can be a blight on everyday city life with their invasiveness in our homes, in restaurants, apartment buildings and work places. Toronto provides a backdrop to almost every kind of pest imaginable that can flourish in our climate. This is where our pest control services play a very crucial role.

Controlling pests is a learned skill through study and interactive training.  Toronto’s fastest growing pest control company, GTA Toronto Pest Control offers solutions to all your pest infestation problems, whether cockroaches, mice, wasps, or larger invaders such as raccoons and squirrels. We have a team of top rated expert pest exterminators who offer their services across the GTA for domestic and commercial pest problems. Our professionals provide specialised extermination programs and customized solutions almost every pest problem and we always comply with Health, Safety and Environmental regulations per the area we are in. We are confident in our service and believe that you will be a delighted customer in the end.

Choosing The Best Pest Control Southern Ontario.

Our residential pest control services carry out periodic visits at your home by request which is a positive action to keep pests at bay before they move in. Call us for more information and we will be happy to provide a free consultation. Pests can be irritating, unhealthy and invasive. Raccoons may set up house in your attic and rafters, wasps build a dangerous nest nearby overnight, ants can suddenly be dining in the cupboards. It's important to maintain a healthy, insect rodent free environment for the comfort of your family, customers and employees. Without a doubt our Industrial Pest Control is equally effective.  You can contact GTA Pest Control anytime for cost-effective ongoing control and solutions in Toronto at (647) 264-0167.

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