About Bats

Tiny, hairy animals with long, narrow wings and huge ears, bats are generally small, furry creatures. Bats usually give birth to their young in the spring or early summer. These animals range in size from 6 to 10 centimetres in length, with a wingspan of up to 27 centimetres. Their moms look after them as they cling to the rooftops of their roosts until they become big enough to fly and hunt on their own. Their wings are hairless, but they have glossy brown or black fur on their bodies.


Despite the fact that many people assume bats are blind, the flying animals can see despite their poor vision. Bats hunt airborne insects at night using echolocation. Moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and ants are among their favourite foods. The creatures prowl all night, consuming up to 100 percent of their body weight in a single evening.


Open fields, marsh regions, and grasslands are ideal feeding places for bats since they may freely seek for insects. Roosting places for communal species include bridges, caverns, and rock crevices where pests may hang from ceilings to rest during the day. Solitary bats may opt to sleep in hollow trees or beneath ledges that overhang.


Bats also have strong teeth and can bite if they are threatened, which raises the danger of rabies, a lethal disease that affects the brain and neurological system. Other dangerous infections that bats can carry include ebola, lyssavirus, nipah, and hendra viruses. Bat droppings stain walls and encourage the spread of histoplasmosis, a nasty lung illness.


Preventing them is the greatest method to ensure that this problem never arises. Seal all openings in your siding to prevent bats from entering your home. Close any attic windows, place screening over chimneys and vents, and take cautious not to trap bats inside. Homeowners who are inexperienced should never attempt to remove bats on their own. Bats are a protected species under the Canadian government, therefore they should be controlled and eliminated by wildlife specialists.

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