Drain Flies

About Drain Flies

Flies may be a continual concern whether you live in an apartment or a single-family house. Leaving the door or window open for an extended period of time may let these pests enter, and leaving rubbish out for an extended period of time will attract even more. Drain flies are particularly bothersome and difficult to get rid of. Their petite, moth-like wings and spherical, fuzzy bodies distinguish them from gnats and fruit flies, which range in size from 2mm to 5mm. Drain flies are also different in color from other little house flies, ranging from pale grey to black in hue. Despite their appearance as moths, these little insects are unable to fly very far.


Instead of buzzing around your house like other pests, you'll observe that they make huge jumps from place to place. Drain flies feed on organic material found in standing water, which can include sewage or other polluted water, and are attracted to it when a film forms in a humid part of a pipe containing standing water. Drain flies flourish and multiply in this environment, therefore your drains are great for them. Food and sewage can also be found near rubbish, animal waste, or compost gathering.


Drain bugs concentrate in areas where there is standing water, such as drain pans and pipes. Place some tape over your drains for at least one full day if you suspect you have a drain fly problem, and then check the opposite side of the tape.


Although drain flies consume and thrive on sewage and germs, they are not disease-carrying insects, although they can spread bacteria in large groups. Even though they are a major annoyance in your house, they have not been proved to be harmful to your health. Drain flies are known to concentrate around standing water and sewage, therefore there's a chance they might be disease carriers.


You may get rid of drain fly infestations using either a natural or chemical approach, depending on the severity of the infestation. In many cases, you may get rid of drain flies fast by using materials already in your kitchen or beneath the sink. Flushing out your drains can sometimes eradicate both the drain fly larvae and any motivation for drain flies to return. Use these ways to handle your infestation as both a preventative and a management strategy.

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