Orb-Weaver Spider

About Orb-Weaver Spider

The Garden Orb Weaving Spiders are a significant group of spiders in Australia, containing over 100 species. Garden Orb Weavers are thick reddish-brown or grey spiders with a leaf-shaped pattern on their stout, approximately triangular abdomens. They also feature two prominent humps in the front. They may have a white or brown dorsal stripe bordered with white.


Weaving Orbs in the Garden Spiders spin webs in the shape of a wheel in places in the vicinity of insects, such as between trees and shrubs. When an insect flies in the web, the spider detects the vibration and rushes out of the web center, wrapping the victim in silk as quickly as possible, spinning it with its shorter middle legs. When the victim is safely secured, the orb-weaver gives a bite and sits back to let the lethal venom do its work.


Orb weaving spiders spin sticky, hanging orb webs in the form of a wheel. Insects are prone to fly through spaces between trees and bushes, therefore webs are placed there. The Garden Orb Weavers weave vertical orb webs that are huge and sturdy. In most cases, the spider builds its web in the evenings and dismantles it around daybreak. The spider hides in the middle of the web, head down, waiting for prey.


Flies, beetles, and bugs that fly (including giant prey like cicadas) are common prey. Butterflies and day-active moths are occasionally captured, but the existence of scales on their wings protects them from web entanglement; these scales may be shed, allowing the insect to battle out of the sticky web. Orb weavers are wary about biting. Local discomfort, numbness, and swelling are frequently absent or minor. A bite might cause nausea and dizziness in certain people.


Before harvesting, weeding, or trimming, carefully inspect your lawn plants and garden to see whether an orb-weaver spider is present. Orb-weavers use a tiny thread of silk to link their web to plant stems, vines, and shrubs. Leave an active web in place for the sake of your garden. These spiders live in your garden all year and will spend the winter there as well.

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