Red House Spider

About Red House Spider

Arachnids belonging to the Nesticodes Genus include red house spiders. Nesticodes rufipes is its scientific name. They may be found all over the planet. The legs of this spider are red-brown in colour and have eight legs. Males are 2.79 mm long, while females are 6.8 mm long. Females are often larger than males. Their head is dark reddish-brown in hue, and their belly is spherical and larger than their head. Its abdomen resembles that of a black widow spider, which is a close cousin.


To stay alive, these house spiders spin tangled webs. The tangled web both shields them from predators and aids in the capture of their prey. With the hair on its legs, a red house spider detects its prey and determines if it is edible. The air provides smells and sensations to the leg hair.


The red house spider is a carnivorous arachnid that dwells in the darkest corners of the house and spins a tangled web. An invasive spider that likes colder environments, such as cabinets, in and around homes. Red house spiders usually enter through cracks and crevices before seeking out dark, cold places to lay their eggs. They prefer to spin webs in the darkest corners of houses.


Red house spiders are frequently confused with more deadly species such as black widows by homeowners. Female spiders have a red hourglass mark on the underside of their abdomen and are known to live in homes. The bite is extremely painful, lasting up to several hours but subsiding after a day, with redness and swelling. Venom is harmful in the same way that Redback is, although it doesn't last as long. These spiders are not hostile, but if their web is disrupted, they will bite, so be careful when clearing out spider webs.


The best way to avoid red house spiders is to keep the population of insects that serve as food for spiders to a minimum. Sealing cracks, gaps, and holes in doors, foundations, and windows, as well as removing indoor detritus that acts as a spider haven, is also beneficial.

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