Furniture Beetles

About Furniture Beetles

Adult furniture beetles are roughly a quarter of an inch long. When seen from above, the adult bodies of these pests are oval in form, but their heads are not visible. This beetle's larval stage resembles a little grub. They are reddish-brown in hue or darker.

While furniture beetles are a kind of beetle, they only live for a brief time as adults. With a lifetime of 3 to 4 years, the larval stage is where they spend most of their time.


Furniture beetles prefer to lay their eggs in fissures in wood framing, flooring, and furniture to provide an instant feeding supply for the larvae that emerge. Typically, these beetles – or more accurately, their eggs and larvae – are carried into the home by accident, contaminated furniture. Damp structural beams, which are frequent in crawl areas, can also attract these insects.


Both seasoned hardwoods and softwoods that are 10 years or older are infected with furniture bugs. Because furniture beetles do not consume as adults, they simply exist to breed. Female beetles will deposit their eggs in cracks in wood, or they may lay them in the exit hole that she left when she came from the wood as an adult.


Simple aerosol pesticide sprays kill the adult borer on the flight but not the burrowing larvae, which are reasonably safe inside diseased timbers. Beetle larvae can be killed by freezing diseased wood or heating it to 50°C for a day or longer, but there is no long-term protection. Treatments for home furniture beetles are available, most commonly in the form of an aerosol spray. However, sprays are only efficient in killing adult beetles, as the larvae that cause the damage are usually secure within the diseased wood and therefore out of the spray's reach. As a result, if you discover any symptoms of an infestation, you should contact pest control professionals immediately. The intensity of a furniture beetle infestation will determine how it is treated. If the problem isn't too significant, you might be able to solve it using basic pesticides.

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