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Guelph is a city that can be found in the southwestern part of Ontario. It’s known for its high standard of living, dynamic and expressive culture, as well as its stunning economic growth. As one of the leading economic growth leaders in all of Canada, it has become home to all sorts of business, such as eateries, breweries, manufacturing, and so much more. GTA Toronto Pest Control in Guelph provides world-class pest extermination and wildlife control services to both business and residential areas. We guarantee the most thorough, quality services from the best technicians, at reasonable and competitive prices. Not satisfied with the results? No problem, for we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy.

We understand how serious pest problems can get in the way of productivity. Manufacturers across the city rely on Pest Control in Guelph to keep their factories from becoming home to a disease-ridden nest of cockroaches or rats. Here at Pest Control in Guelph, we provide solutions to pest-related problems. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can count on us to carry out a complete, eco-friendly exterminator (or displacement, in the case of wildlife), guaranteed! We are certain that you will be more than satisfied with the results!


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Why Would You Want To Work With Pest Control in Guelph?

Always-Available Emergency Services

In case of a sudden emergency, feel free to hit us up at any time! Our emergency hotlines are open all year round. We guarantee a discreet, same-day Emergency pest control service. Should you request it, we can bring unmarked vehicles for the job.

Affordable, Quality Service

Don’t think for a second that “affordable” always have to mean “cheap.” GTA Toronto Pest Control offers competitive pricing without skimping on quality. We offer competitive price-matching if you find competitors with lower rates. You will still have the most skilled technicians working with the highest-end equipment that money can buy. It’s just that you don’t have to break the bank for our services. Our customers in Guelph deserve the best possible service at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We want to ensure that you will be satisfied with our pest control and extermination services. Heck, we only want your money if our labour is up to your standard. If not? No worries, for we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Certified Technicians

We understand how harmful wreckless pest control can be towards the environment. You can rest easy, knowing that the Ministry of Environment fully licenses our technicians. We take extra steps to ensure that our tools and methods are both humane and eco-friendly.

GTA Toronto Pest Control Guelph Services

Pest Control Company in Guelph and the GTA is a family-owned and operated business since 1998. The city began as a settlement in the 1820s. It was established by John Gaalt, the Superintendent of the Canada Company. He set up his headquarters and home in this area, which he picked to attract settlers to it and the surrounding countryside. After one of the British Royal Family’s family names, he named it Guelph hence the moniker “Royal City.”

With beautiful limestone architecture teeming with history and heritage intertwined with picturesque views of the rivers and surrounding greenery, a dynamic and artsy city culture, and some of the highest economic growth rates in the country, Guelph is a city with tremendous growth and opportunities.” With this growth, however, necessarily comes a rising need for pest extermination. Rodents, bed bugs, German cockroaches, wasps, and hornets are common pests in the region all year round. The summer is a particularly bad time for wasp and hornet infestations. We here at GTA Toronto Pest Control in Guelph are here to help keep these common pests in control before they can compromise the health and economic growth of this wonderful city.

We also offer free quotations and consultations. All you have to do is fill out an information sheet on our site. This one’s on us!

Our residential pest services guarantee year-long protection from a wide range of commonly-found home occupying pests. This includes periodic visits from our experts to make sure pests don’t become a recurring problem. If you call us for any inquiries, we would gladly provide you with a free consultation! We understand how dangerous pests can be to the wellbeing of your family and friends if left unattended. Even the humble bed bug can ruin a person’s sleep patterns and cause undue amounts of stress. That’s to say nothing about wasps nesting in your yard and attacking your children, or rats settling inside the pipes of your factory and spreading all sorts of diseases among the workers. It’s best to act early and act fast before any of them pose a serious risk to your homes and business’s health. If you are interested in any of our cost-effective, ongoing pest control services in Guelph, contact us at (647) 264-0167.

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