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Vaughan, Ontario
​The City of Vaughan is the fastest growing municipality in Canada and with that comes the increased need for pest control service. GTA Toronto Pest Control is a high-quality and professional group and is founded on a team of experts who extend excellent guarantees for insect extermination and wildlife control services for Vaughan residents as well as commercial establishments. Vaughan is well known for its restaurants and shopping and business owners rely on our Vaughan pest control service and our reputation and record for elimination of those seemingly impossible to eliminate pests.  It’s what keeps us at the forefront of pest control. We are proud of our record of jobs completed on time and within our job estimate and always wish a ‘bon appetito’.


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Best Guarantee in the Industry

Most exterminators just offer a free treatment if customers are not happy. We have taken it a step further, we offer a money-back (no questions asked!) guarantee so you can always feel confident doing business with us.

Affordable Services

We never compromise on quality, but that doesn’t mean we charge a premium for our services either. Go ahead, try to find a comparable local service that provides as much value as we do for less. And if you do, we’ll match their price!


Skilled and Trained Pest Control Technicians

Our wildlife and pest control technicians are certified and have years of experience. We operate under extensive and all-inclusive insurance coverage.

Pest Control Operator Licence

We operate under the Ministry of Environment licensing to GTA Toronto Pest Control; we will take care of your pest problems in Vaughan humanely with environment in mind.

Emergency Services

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ll be at your residence immediately following your call. Our emergency service guarantees that extermination protocol starts that day. No flashy trucks, we keep them unmarked.

Vaughan Pest Control Service

GTA Toronto Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1998. Vaughan is one of the greatest cities in Canada, with a population of over 340,000 residents.  It wasn’t until the late 1700’s that the beginnings of settlements were seen here. The terrain was considered difficult to traverse due to the lack of roads and trails but eventually the first settlers, mainly Pennsylvania Germans and English, began to settle here.  The Township of Vaughan was named after Benjamin Vaughan, a British commissioner who signed a peace treaty with the United States in 1783. In 1800 the population was about 60 people and grew to 4,300 by 1840. It was around this time that Hamlets of Thornhill, Kleinburg, Woodbridge and Maple began to appear. This later became Villages as part of the Township of Vaughan.  Vaughan is now the 5th largest city in the GTA and the 17th largest city in Canada.

Today Vaughan, boasts a community of many cultures and backgrounds and commercial entities, and a place where we take pride in our ability to keep the community pest-free, or at least under control. We pride ourselves in the proper displacement of nuisance wildlife. Regions for pest extermination include AjaxNewmarket, and Pickering.

The beauty of Vaughan as the “City above Toronto” is in the effort by residents and business owners to keep it beautiful and clean.  GTA Toronto Pest Control understands the Vaughan area very well and its desire to remain a thriving and beautiful city, and we bring our industry-leading pest extermination services in both residential as well as commercial sectors to the forefront so that we can keep mice and rat populations at acceptable levels.  Our team of trained experts never stop learning and updating their knowledge of products and systems and maintaining state of the art equipment to ensure that your home and your business remain free of pests and unwanted wildlife. You can request a free quote foe pest control and extermination services and continue to live worry-free from inconvenience and diseases due to infestations of pests and animals.

Vaughan residents and business owners can do their part by maintaining their properties and structures so that life is made more difficult for invaders.  Trimmed lawns and gardens, proper seals at building entries around doors and windows and other service entries such as cable openings and other above-ground entry points.

Birds and bats love to fly into open garages and are difficult to ‘shoo’ away. A small opening in the eaves and around the roof will provide a living space for a raccoon. Mice will scout a place out and if they find food easy to access, they will move in. You can’t always keep your home pest-free, but that’s why we’re here! Just give us call.

​Part of our animal control and welfare service is to advise our clients on the best way to protect themselves and their property from unwanted insects, rodents, or wildlife infestations.  Let’s face it, raccoons and squirrels are pretty cute, but not in your garbage cans or attics.

No one wants to talk about or imagine what bed bugs look like,  but the fact is that there are a whole host of bed bug infestations here every year.  For more information on bed bug extermination and prevention, visit our Bed Bugs Control and Removal page. ​Not here? We offer pest control in Scarborough.

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