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bats and birds removal

Bats and Birds Remediation and
Exclusion in Toronto

We recognize most species are protected, and we take great care in their removal and displacement. Whether or not to call an exterminator for bird and bat infestation is one of those calls that only you can make. These are not the type of creatures that want to be a pest or try and move into your home, but they can stray and get caught up in your garage, or porch and factories for example. When birds or bats take up residence, you need professional exclusion, no room for the do-it-yourself-er here. These animals can carry parasites and bacteria or, ‚Äčin the case of the bat, it’s guano, (excrement) can carry a very foul odour and disease. We shouldn’t forget that rabies can also be a very potent threat when it comes to bats.

Bats Control and Removal

Bat removal is a strategic and fairly complicated procedure to do correctly, usually needing some physical work and changes on the home to deal with the problematic entry points. When bats are found in the attic, for instance, entry points need to be thoroughly sealed and one way vents for exits installed. Ask questions and trust your pest control company to do it right.

Pigeon and Seagull Control

Most homeowners dread seeing birds trapped in an enclosure such as a garage. Or business owners fighting off birds around there establishment from small restaurants to landfill sites and even airports. We are here to give advice on the right approach for dealing with bird issues whether it’s seagulls, pigeons, ducks or geese.