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Mosquito Control

GTA Toronto Pest Control is one of the leading providers of safe mosquito control services for all types of mosquitoes in Southern Ontario. Our highly trained technicians and experienced staff are fully capable of controlling mosquitoes in most situations. Our mosquito control techs lay down a garlic-based repellent that can last up to 4 weeks per spray and will not harm birds and pets as so many toxic repellents can do. With dozens of mosquito pest control experts and property care operators throughout Toronto, GTA Pest Control will give you top performance for the right price.

#1 Mosquito Exterminators in Toronto

GTA Toronto Pest Control has a proven record of providing mosquito extermination services in the Greater Toronto Area. We have a long line of satisfied customers in many Southern Ontario regions, and as professionals, we know better than most how to provide mosquito removal services.

We strive to manage mosquitoes effectively without resorting to pesticides, as we are not in favor of using them in areas where children and animals play. If an infestation is bad, we will consider pesticides on demand. Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art mosquito pest control products and techniques, making them sophisticated enough to tackle any and all types of pest control problems and our mosquito exterminators are no exception. Please note that mosquito control is a multi-step program if you want to repel them all spring and summer

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Mosquito Control services