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Located in Central Ontario, along the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, west of Lake Simcoe, is a city known as Barrie. With a downtown area rich in historic buildings and docks, the city has had a thriving tourism industry that plays a key role in its economy. Nothing would undermine the weight of history placed on these buildings more than having all sorts of pests and wildlife settle in and infest their antiquated halls. GTA Toronto Pest Control in Barrie is here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Barrie’s residents and business owners rely on us to eliminate those hard-to-deal-with pests before they turn away all the tourists. Thanks to our focus on providing the best results, we have built a strong reputation among the community, on time and at the best possible value.

Still not convinced yet? Well, consider the following…

Competitive Pricing and Unparalleled Value

We offer price range estimates that are competitive with our contemporaries during our free quotations. Don’t think for even a second that we’ll skimp out on quality, however. No other pest control company in Barrie will give you as much bang for your buck.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Unhappy with your pest control’s services? Most of them would just offer a free visit, as an apology. Meanwhile, GTA Toronto Pest Control goes above and beyond. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if our labour wasn’t up to your standards. First and foremost, we care about giving you the results you desire.

The Best Specialists in The Business

Our clients deserve nothing but the best possible services, and our elite pest control technicians ensure that is what they will get. With tons of experience and training under their belts, along with the finest pest control tools and vehicles, it’s safe to say that no other group in Barrie can deal with an infestation as thoroughly and expediently as our guys can.


Pest Control Operator License

Our trained technicians are all certified by the Ministry of Environment. We care greatly about the environment, and because of this, we take extra steps to ensure that our methods are both eco friendly and humane.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year operations

The spread of a pest infestation waits for no man. When you call for our services, GTA Toronto Pest Control’s Emergency Service guarantees that we will head to your house and begin work on the day of the call. Should you wish for some discretion, we have unmarked trucks on standby for this very reason.


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GTA Toronto Pest
Control Barrie Services

GTA Toronto Pest Control Company in Barrie is a family-owned and operated business since 1998. The city itself had origins as a British Army Supply Depot in 1812. It was named after Sir Robert Barrie, who regularly commanded forces in that region. For the longest time it was a humble little city. As recently as 1981 it had a relatively-meagre population of 38,423.

Between then and now, this humble city has seen impressive growth. As of a 2017 census, it holds a population of 153,356. On top of the booming tourism industry, recent years have seen the city become a mostly-residential commuter town. Its strategic placement, relative to both major forms of public transport, centres and airports has made property there widely sought after by on-the-go professionals. This has led to the rise of an increasingly-competitive real estate market, where supply is gradually getting lower as prices rise.

Before you list your home, you’re going to want our help in making sure there aren’t any pests lying around. When you’re showing your property to a potential buyer, nothing will sour a deal more than spotting an unexpected rat or cockroach crawling across the floorboards. Before you show your house, give us a call, and we’ll make sure your house is pest-free before you sell it. GTA Toronto Pest Control deals with a wide range of invasive little creatures: mice, ants, rats, wasps, roaches, and more. We’ll get under control, no ifs, ands, or bugs!

Not looking to sell your house? We got you covered as well. GTA Toronto Pest Control offers extensive, year-long protection against common household pests such as mice, ants, caterpillars and more. We also offer periodic visits across the year to make sure that the pest problem is under control. If a problem occurs between said visits, call us, and we’ll handle things free of charge. A bad pest infestation can compromise the health and safety of a homeowner and their family. No one wants to deal with wasps attacking their children or mice nibbling on their food and spreading their diseases.

We offer free consultations and quotations to give our clients a clear understanding of their current situation and offer price estimates that are highly competitive with our contemporaries’ rates.

Pest control is a collaborative process, and so we would like if our Barrie clients did their part in addressing the pest problem by maintaining their properties and structures to make life more difficult for these pests. In particular, we strongly recommend trimmed lawns and gardens, proper seals at building entries: doors and windows, and service entries such as cable openings and other above-ground entry points. It is a difficult task to control pests all on your own, however. The smallest opening is all it takes for a rat or cockroach to settle in your home and infest. That’s why we’re here to help.

Nip the problem in the bud before it’s too late! Call us now at (289) 807-0667. With the quality of service that we bring, you won’t be sorry!

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