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Like people, pests are always searching out new homes and places that have not been treated to control certain invaders. If you are planning a building project, you want to make sure that the finished structure does not attract undesirable residents. One of the factors that many investors, builders and renovators fail to take into account is pests and their impact on the work place once up and running and should keep industrial pest control services top of mind when planning a project.

Some locations more than others may be conducive to mice or rat infestation right from the get go because of location (proximity to natural habitat), proximity to older buildings with existing pest issues and exposure of certain building materials. There is no harm done to take a beat and address potential pest control issues. Some suggestions from our pest control professionals include

  • Use pest monitors to assess pest populations in the surrounding area.
  • Understanding which pest species will be a threat will help you determine what steps you need to take to deter them.
  • Understand geographic conditions.
  • Selecting a location for your facility near a water source might create additional pest pressures.
  • Sufficiently grade the property to prevent puddles from forming around the foundation.

Even though your management team may be the ultimate decision maker, it will be up to your contractor to take the lead on pest management during his/her work. At GTA Toronto Pest Control we are always available for consultation and to give recommendations.

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