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Our professional team of animal wranglers ensure handling of wild animals humanely and safely by carefully capturing them and releasing them safely back into their familiar surroundings free of non-natural light. As professional exterminators we will advise you on preventative measures you can take to prevent animals from returning to your home at a later date.

The following rules and regulations apply to all wildlife removal experts

  • GTA Toronto Pest control must abide by municipal bylaws and applicable laws at all times;
  • We may not capture more wildlife than is necessary to protect your property;
  • Humane treatment is the law and we must follow this ethical mandate;
  • When called we can only provide wildlife control as it directly relates to your property;
  • We must leave the den of a fur bearing mammal unless we procure approval from MNRF.  Fox and Skunk dens do not need this approval;
  • GTA Pest is required to release any captured living wildlife within 24 hours;
  • We cannot take wildlife more than a kilometer away for release and it cannot be on private property (unless approval has been given;
wildlife control services


Coyote in the Wild

Coyotes can be found in most parts of the city and surrounding areas where there is forest, foliage, creeks, ravines and obvious wildlife habitat areas. You will find them close to cities and urban areas because of the ease in which they can find shelter and food. Coyotes are active both during the day, and at night when they are very difficult to see and are most active at dawn and later on at dusk.

Coyotes do not hibernate and remain active in the winter months where they are easier to spot as they search for food. ​The positive thing about Coyotes is there value in controlling squirrel and rabbit populations. Small rodents make up a large part of their diet, especially when garbage is hard to find.

Wildlife removal services

What should I do if I come across a coyote on or near my property?

You should never feed coyotes, it’s actually against the law in this area. If you see anyone feeding them give 311 a call and report them. When you do see one or more of them you should strongly suggest the critters move on by being very animate and aggressively gesturing to them. They are actually very timid with humans, especially if you are firm and confident.

The fact that they have come near your property suggests you may have a food source nearby that should be checked out, perhaps even next door. Problems can arise when one is feeding their pet outside. Remember to check the recycle bin and garbage cans to make sure they are sealed and not attracting the canines. Another suggestion to keep coyotes from camping out nearby is to make sure foliage is thinned out leaving no place to hide for them.

If ever you are confronting a coyote, look as big as you can. throw something at him but big enough to injure him, your actions will send the coyote on his way. Don’t turn your back, always keep eye contact and back away with caution.


​Foxes, much like coyotes, are most active during dawn and at dusk. Foxes that forage around the city areas have been successfully vaccinated eradicating rabies. Therefore the population of foxes is allowed to live and is encouraged to stay in he habitat. Thinning poses the possible threat of introducing new foxes from out of the area and possibly the reintroduction the rabies virus.

While the fox prefers life around ravines, streams, lakeshores and woody areas, they will sometimes make their den under porches and other urban protected spots.  Naturally you would call a wildlife expert to humanely relocate them to their habitat and make your property safe from any confrontation with the fox family.

When foxes are nearby

If you suspect foxes nearby, make plans and protect your property. Galvanized wire mesh, inserted down into the ground 15″ so that tunneling is discouraged is a good idea. That’s how they get into the henhouse when you’re watching cartoons; In reality as well.  Keep food scraps and pet food out of the yard and safely in containers. If you are uncertain about whether you have foxes nearby, keep your pets out of the yard for a little, be active yourself as this will discourage the shy animals from hanging around.


Raccoons are one of those animals that have been over-run by urban development and are as much a part of the population as city folk. They are everywhere. You will not usually see them as they tend to do their chores and damage at night. Their diet consists of grubs, nuts, corn, smaller rodents, some fruits and of course, they have a field day when they come across garbage and compost. These creatures have no problem in setting up house in your house. Rafters, eaves, sheds and garages.

Raccoon Removal

If you have never had a run in with a raccoon, you would be very surprised how aggressive and protective they can be. the raccoon is related to the bear and as such, has a similar attitude or temperament. They aren’t the cuddly critters they appear to be. If you have one living in your home, in your yard or anywhere else on your property, you really need to contact GTA Toronto Pest Control to come and mitigate the situation. Raccoons can do a lot of house damage in a very short time Our experts know how to humanely remove them and other wildlife to keep your family safe from unpredictable invaders that can pose problems in Southern Ontario.

Wildlife removal services

What are the numerous raccoon problems that may be faced by a home owner?

  • Raccoons cause massive damage to attics and roofs if allowed to reside;
  • Electrical wires can be eaten.
  • They can damage wooden joists which can lead to structural problems;
  • Messing with your garbage, messy and inconvenient;
  • Decks, front porches, and other structures are not safe when animals are living under them;
  • The possibility of a spread of certain diseases such as rabies;
  • Raccoons are know to carry ticks and other parasites, leading to more potential diseases and discomfort;
  • As nocturnal critters, they can cause a disturbance for you and your pets as they forage around the property;

Why you need to call GTA Toronto Pest Control?

  • Raccoons are not small animals, they are usually around 25 lbs and can be as big as 45 to 55 lbs.  There are few cages sold in stores that can hold them as they are strong and crafty.
  • Effective raccoon repellents do not exist.
  • As mentioned, raccoons may be cute looking but they are aggressive, nasty fighters and cannot be contained in close contact.
  • Once raccoons have been living in attics or eaves, the remaining infestation must be cleaned and disinfected.


​Skunks are not as prevalent as other rodents and wildlife but can they ever leave a lasting impression. You won’t see them as much in the winter as other wildlife pests but come spring, they will begin to hunt out locals such as under porches, sheds, piles of debris and garbage and composts.

Skunks; their damaging ways and attraction to home properties?

  • Skunks love  lawns and gardens after a good rainfall when worms, grubs and larvae rise to the surface.
  • Skunks will tend to dig small round holes, but the damage really begins when they roll up retail sod sized chunks to get at the grubs.
  • Taking up residence near the home is not uncommon.  Getting sprayed is truly life changing, even for your pet.

Skunk problems in Southern Ontario

  • As mentioned, creating homes underneath sheds, decks, concrete slab foundations and crawlspaces
  • Getting stuck after falling into window wells
  • Spraying pets and people, resulting in burning the eyes, (even temporary blindness), and hard to remove odor.
  • Like other rodents skunks will be likely to have ticks, fleas and possibly rabies.
  • Multiple holes and digging spots.
  • Lacking natural predators, which can create overpopulation

How GTA Toronto Pest Control helps

  • Once skunks are removed, repairs and removing attractions for new skunks is imperative, we do that;
  • Getting bitten can give you rabies
  • There are no effective skunk repellents, you need to call us.

For the right advice for any skunk or rodent problem, you call us at 416-907-8509 or email us at


​Squirrels are everywhere it seems. They don’t always pose problems but when they reach numbers that start to cause damage to property and yard, it’s time to call us. They may seem cute but they really just a rat with a fluffy tale. They can be just as destructive so give us a call if they have become a problem, we know how to eradicate the problem and we do it in the most humane way.

Things squirrels like to do; If this sounds like raccoon problems, they are very similar

  • Squirrels will take up nesting in eaves and attics and their materials can pose fire hazards;
  • Like raccoons, squirrels will nibble on electrical wires;
  • Like all rodents, they are known to chew through walls and roofing;
  • Squirrels can fall and die between walls.
  • They can be a severe noise nuisance;
  • Gardens can be destroyed given time.
  • It’s impossible to leave bird seed out. Squirrels can jump meters to a feeder and drain it;
  • Squirrels are known to carry potentially harmful diseases affecting pets and humans through their excrement.
  • They can also carry parasites that can lead to diseases for humans and pets.

It may be time to call GTA Toronto Pest Control...

….when infestation has happened and wall, ceiling, and eaves openings require sealing and exclusion traps (one way traps) are needing to be placed where the animal has entered your structure. Sometimes homeowners will try non metal traps, squirrels will chew through these in short order.

As much as they sound effective, repellents like moth balls, ultrasonic emitters, other animal urine (predator’s) and ammonia-soaked rags are ineffective. We also make sure that when we remove squirrels, they aren’t coming back soon nor any replacement ones. Finally we will clean and decontaminate attics for safety and smell.