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Country And Vacation Property Pest Control

Raccoons | Carpenter Ants | Cluster Flies | Spiders | Wasps |‚Äč Rodents | Caterpillars

GTA Toronto Pest Control deals with pest problems for any situation or location; cottage or vacation properties are no exception. It makes no sense to have to put up with insect infestation or raccoons that have moved in.

We find that red squirrels can be a tremendous nuisance as well, not just the constant nattering, but they can make their way into your summer property to make their own year round home. hen you’ve had enough, call us and we will provide all the control you need to rid these pests from your place so that you can enjoy your valued get away property, and not have to worry about interruptions from uninvited little guests, or embarrassment you might feel with your real guests.

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