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Our team is utilizing all the best tools and products for our customers pest control in Toronto. Safety is #1 for each job when dealing with your unwanted bugs and rodents. Choose us as your pest removal company and we'll get the job done! We can take care of any challenging pest in your home or business with the highest industry standards.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

​We provide effective pest control in your commercial business at an affordable cost. We relate to our customers like family; we care for their homes as if they were our own. Get rid of pests on your commercial property. Our commercial pest control services are affordable and effective.

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Industrial Pest Control

Industrial Pest Control

Bug & animal control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest. Rodents are detrimental to businesses, so we offer pest removal at industrial locations.

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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

We provide professional pest control treatments for all kinds of insects and home invaders over specific periods of time. We provide our services with the utmost family care in mind. Get an instant quote today from our team.

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GTA Toronto Pest Control: A Company You Can Count On

We are a high-quality and professional group of pest control experts in Toronto offering a quality assurance program for unwanted pests. Complete with universal documentation of findings and service, all of which guarantees our insect control service meets our high-quality standards and norms.

Our reputation and record in Toronto for eliminating those seemingly "impossible to eliminate" pests is what keeps us at the top of our game. We are proud of our record of jobs completed on time and within our job estimate.

You can review the services we provide, including Residential, Commercial, Rural, and Industrial solutions. We service the best pest control in Toronto, Scarborough, The Beaches, Milton, Vaughan, Brampton, Barrie, Newmarket, Markham, Oakville, Guelph, Mississauga, and more.

Pest Control Toronto: Your Local Solution
We Think You're Going to Love Working With Us, Here's Why!

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Qualified pest control exterminators offer a 'No Questions Asked' policy for all customers at no extra cost. If you are not completely satisfied with our industry-leading experienced extermination services, we offer money-back.
  • Competitively Priced: Our company prices all of its services to offer you the best quality pest extermination services at the most affordable prices. We don't compromise our leading effective pest control solutions and our pest control Toronto reviews show our care. Our customer reviews are in the hundreds as customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • Skilled and trained technicians: Our technicians are completely certified and have many years of experience under their uniforms. We operate with complete and all-inclusive insurance coverage. Our pest control professionals will determine the best solution for you so you can have peace of mind.
  • Pest Control Operator Licence: Located in Southern Ontario, Canada we operate under the Ministry of Environment licensing. All extermination and control are done humanely, always conscious of the health of the customer and the environment.
  • We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Canada. Bugs don't sleep, neither do we. Our reviews show we care. If you need emergency extermination services, we are at your service. Our service guarantees extermination procedures the same day as your request. You can expect discreet services with our unmarked vehicles. Contact us!
5 Stars

Mr. Vance was very professional and helpful in solving our issue with unwanted guest leaving their disgusting droppings under our stairs.

He did a thorough inspection of our house, and identified potential entry points for pests plus advice on how to secure them against pests. I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of service provided by Vance and his team. In the future, I'd definitely call them or recommend them to friends and family.
Benny Chu
5 Stars

"The exterminator was very professional and friendly. "

"He explained what he was going to do and answered all the questions I had. He even spotted a couple of potential issues and asked me to do some preventive maintenance."
Edwin Lau
5 Stars

Great service.  Very dependable.

I had an issue with drain flies in my basement. They were polite and professional  they guaranteed the work for 6 months which is great. I called several other pest control companies and there was no guarantee offered. I definitely recommend their services.
Pat Todd
5 Stars

I wasn't sure of what to expect when the exterminator arrived, but I didn't expect such a delightful experience!

Yaya, the exterminator, was not only completely competent and efficient, he also stayed to show us what the inside of the  wasp nest looked like! He made it an educational experience. He was very respectful of the wasps, and proceeded with care and attention. He was so well-informed, and very easy to talk to.  I will use this company again for sure! I am very impressed with the work! 5 stars!
Eunice O'Mahony
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At a Competitive Price & Guarantees On Our Work


Ant Nest Extermination (Including Carpenter Ants)

Ants are intelligent creatures and considered common pests that are easily attracted to food sources. They can ruin your food supply at home, multiply on counters, and build unsightly anthills. Some ant species bite, which can, in some cases, be venomous. Ants will spread if not properly eliminated, and without proper nest removal, they will grow with access to food. The various types of ants we typically deal with are Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, and Pharaoh ants. We also offer termite control in Toronto and even Mississauga. Use our ant control treatments today!

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Rodents: Mice and Rat Removal

Mice might not be venomous or aggressive pests, but they are much more than a minor nuisance in your home. Infestations of mice cause health hazards, damage, disease, illness, especially to children who are vulnerable to bites and scratches that may lead to sickness. Rodent removal is more complicated than setting mouse-traps or poison pills, temp solutions at best, more permanent methods for rodent services exist. We can provide a competitive estimate for rodent extermination at your home so you can avoid any damage.

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Bed bugs

Bed Bug Extermination (Treatment of Large Bed Bug Infestations)

Bedbug infestations are difficult to get rid of, mainly because they lodge into your bed linen, carpets, and furniture. Complete extermination is essential to total control because if even one area is overlooked, the infestation will likely reappear. It starts with a bed bug inspection service. Bedbugs typically bite while you sleep and ultimately lead to sleep deprivation. Our experienced pest control company uses avant-garde extermination methods and offers protection plans. Use our bed bug treatments today!

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Cockroach Removal

​​​​Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to exterminate; they are sadly the only living organism capable of surviving a nuclear explosion. They can also be a major health hazard and pose health risks. Cockroaches often go undetected at times, increasing the likelihood of disease and illness. Due to roach-borne bacteria and certain viruses from their urine and droppings, it becomes a health hazard. This urine can also attract other bugs and rodents to your household. Other bugs like carpet beetles or flour beetles are better removed from your home. This is why using pest control professionals the first time, can save you the headache later on. Species we usually see are the German cockroach and brown-banded cockroach. Get rid of cockroach infestations now!

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Wasp Removal

Paper Wasps, Yellow-Jackets, and Bald-Faced Hornets; these stinging insects can ruin any outdoor event and chase you from your ​outdoor haven. Paper Wasps make their nests out of wood and other debris, which becomes a paper-like waterproof nest. This nest can be difficult to remove. Wasps range in size from 3/4" to 1 1/4" and can pack a wallop when they sting. Defending their nest is where the problems begin for people. We provide wasp nest removal solutions, so you don't have to. Our team can remove all stinging pests from your property. Choose us as your bug exterminators.

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Bats and Birds

Bats and Birds

Birds and bats are not the usual animals you might think of as a homeowner in Toronto, Ontario. Still, they can often cause great concern if they are allowed to roost or become trapped inside the home, garage, or industrial situations. Quick and effective bird removal is usually required. Pigeons can be a problem because they are somewhat docile, more apt to be walking or sitting than flying, and have filthy nests. Take care of wildlife before they cause costly damage to property with our humane removal.

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Wildlife/Animal Control

We understand that we humans have an imposing effect on the environment, especially wildlife. As cities expand, animal habitats shrink, and more and more wild animals have driven away, inevitably pushed into the very structures we are erecting. We can't blame them, but we can't let these common pests move in either. Our wildlife control experts can safely remove animals from your property. Depending on the animal in question, we will use the appropriate measures.

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Flea Removal in Toronto

Fleas are an incredibly cagey parasite that can hide in plain sight. Even when you spot them on your animal or clustered in a corner, you only see about 10% of them. They dine on blood for survival and then reproduce rapidly. They eventually settle throughout the home and on pets, where they begin to reproduce even faster. You'll now have a flea infestation in Toronto but can be removed with our flea treatments.

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Spider Control

Spiders are well-known household bugs in Toronto that are seemingly impossible to get rid of. While most spiders are not venomous, some of them are known to cause allergic reactions in humans and can be very unhygienic. Not so much a concern for adults; they can be a problem for small children and pets. As an experienced bug treatment company, we can get rid of spiders for you.

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Spring brings new types of bugs and rodents to the home. Mice are moving in and out, and ants are invading kitchens, walkways, and lawns. Various animals may be eyeing the emerging gardens for food and looking for a new shelter. Many potential bugs and rodent issues can come up at this time of year. We are ready for any challenge, whether residential or commercial pest issues. When our pest control Toronto service is called for a consultation or extermination, we will conduct the remediation. We will then take the time to search for any bug or rodent's origination before it becomes a problem for you and eliminate the pathway. We check every potential entry into homes. Our complete extermination services will take care of your issue in no time.

Aside from the seasonal infestations, our pest technicians are on standby to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, commercial operation, and termite control. Bedbugs usually originate from hotels/motels, dorms, apartments/condos, and can even be found in businesses and offices, anywhere substantial human traffic is happening. No one is immune from getting bed bugs in their home or business. From infestations in Downtown Toronto to Vaughan, you can get them. There are home remedies such as sprinkling baking soda to dry them out or cayenne pepper mixtures for spraying to keep them at bay. Of course, you can wash sheets and dry them at the highest heat (bed bugs hate hot). But you're always best off to call an exterminator to get rid of these invaders forever. Call us for pest control Toronto service if you have a problem or read our reviews, we'll explain our safety procedures.

Safe Health Treatment Practices When Removing Bugs or Rodents in Your Home

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Our benefits include competitive pricing, guarantees on our rodent and bug control work, and 100% Money Back if you're not happy.

We help both residential and commercial customers in Toronto deal with their pest infestations & animal control needs. Our commercial services can deal with bugs and rodents on a much larger scale for your business.

Our pest control technician services comes with a guarantee and offer of 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied. This is our 'No Questions Asked' policy for all customers in the Toronto area. Our reviews show we care as well! Suppose you are not completely satisfied with our industry-leading pest control and extermination services. In that case, you are covered under our 100% Money Back Guarantee policy. Whether you are out in the country or right here in the Toronto area, we can help you. We will remove your annoying pests from common household pests to any other.

GTA Pest Control Toronto prices all its services competitively. Our expert pest control technicians are out there offering you the best quality bugs and rodent extermination services available at the most affordable prices. You will not find a better option than GTA Toronto Pest Control for the lowest costs for industry-leading bugs and rodent extermination services. We also provide integrated pest management at competitive pricing. Take control of your local pest population before it becomes an issue with complete eradication of pest levels by our team. Fight against pests before it gets out of control and choose our professional exterminator.

When we visit your home or office, you can be sure we are fully licensed, fully certified, have state-of-the-art training​, and are fully insured for our pest control services.

We provide a pleasant customer service experience to ensure happy customers with great reviews. Our professional pest control company in Toronto employs skilled technicians and exterminators for all our assignments. It is completely certified and licensed by the government. We operate under complete and all-inclusive insurance coverage. Our employees are highly trained, use commercial grade products, and have many years of experience under their belts. We work with any common insect pests or other destructive pests.

Our team in Toronto operates under an official Pest Control Operator Licence issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Ontario. You can rest assured that our team of experts will take care of your pest issue. Our services are conducted in a way that is conducive to the environment's health and is completely humane. The combination of insecticides we use after inspections take place are carefully used when removing pests. Our commercial insecticides get the job done while avoiding damage to nature. From the entry way to the attic, we can get rid of nuisances.

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So whenever you require extermination services, regardless of where you are in Southern Ontario, you can look for us. We are located in Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Scarborough, Newmarket, King City, Toronto Ontario, and other Canadian cities. We'll be at your service every day of the week.

Our award-winning Toronto pest control service guarantees extermination services begin on the same day as your request. If you need discreet pest control services, our technicians are happy to arrive in unmarked vehicles at no additional cost. Our affordable pest control services are ready when you are. Choose us as your local professional exterminator to get the job done today.

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