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If someone is describing the perpetrator as having long hard teeth, tiny ears, beady eyes and a long thin tail, they are describing a rodent. From little moles to groundhogs, these creatures can cause anxiety as all kinds of damage begins to appear. Mice are known to eat through walls and cables to get to where they want to be for shelter and food.

You Must Not Tolerate Mice On The Counter and Near Your Food

In addition to the damage and irritation they cause, they can also contaminate edibles. Allowed to roam unchecked they will multiply quickly, posing real health hazards; micro droplets of mice urine or those brown rice like droppings can cause diseases such as leptospirosis, which can lead to severe liver damage; kidney failure, and haemorrhagic fever to name a few. A rodent infestation may also encourage the accumulation of additional pests such as fleas, mites, lice, and ticks.

​The most common signs of rodent infestation are urine trails, squeaky noises, nests, holes in food item packaging and pellet like droppings. In addition to urine and droppings, the saliva of rodents can lead to viral infectious diseases. Allergic reactions like sneezing and sore eyes can arise due to their shedding hair.

Moles – Burrow through lawns and gardens and cause visual damage and can kill parts of your lawn. They may damage plant roots which in turn can cause lasting  damage or death.

Rats and Mice – May be the most prolific and destructive pests known to us. Food contamination, disease, and structural damage are common effects of infestation and definitely have a generally negative impact on health and life in general in Canada. We all know people who abhor rodents and are known to jump out of their shoes when they see one, and we know that rats are known to be responsible for carrying, and passing on many of the plagues that crippled populations world-wide over the ages. Ineffective control can lead to economic and health issues and need to be dealt with by professional pest control technicians. There many aspects of control over and above simple cheese loaded traps.

Gophers – While posing no real threat, gophers can become a pest when the burrows they create to transport food start to tear up lawns and gardens.  Generally, we use a safe and humane method to displace the creatures in a new habitat.

Squirrels – The pests have been known to drive people crazy, especially the Red Squirrel variety. They can get into your home or cottage

The idea behind employing professional exterminators is that once these pests are identified and eliminated, they should not be returning anytime soon. We will have sealed openings and identified where they are coming from and sealed their ways in to the home or business for a good period of time. Therefore, it’s imperative that as soon rodents are discovered, prompt and urgent action should be taken. Rodents will easily invade your house if there is easy access to food and shelter, especially as winter approaches. It is a must to maintain good hygiene and sanitation standards to reduce or eliminate the rodents on your premises, commercial or residential. We will give you handy tips on how to manage these pests on your own. Now our rodent control / removal services are right there in your neighbourhood as we cover the surrounding GTA areas. Our priority is rodent removal with minimum usage of pesticides or use pesticides that are low in toxic content so that you or your family’s health is not at risk. We assure 100% customer satisfaction through effective and safe procedures by our highly trained staff.

GTA Toronto Pest Control Is Your Top
Rodent Exterminator In Ontario

Our Rodent control services are delivered by our professionally trained team of ‘best in business’ rodent exterminators in the Greater Toronto Area. You can see our services and areas including Mice Control in Toronto, Mice Control Scarborough,   Mice Control in Milton, Mice Control in Mississauga, Mice Control in Vaughan, and Mice Control in Brampton.  You can also access our services in Aurora, Markham and Newmarket.

Our professionals will begin by assessing the root cause of the pest infestation problem and, accordingly, devise a plan that will get rid of these rodents forever. Our products are of the highest quality, and do not compromise on the health, hygiene and environmental regulations. We endeavor to use the least chemically toxic products for your family’s safety and of course your pets too. After analyzing the nature of your pest infestation, we will come up with a plan and a quote so that you have a clear idea of whether our proposal falls in line with your budget.  We will always try to tailor.

​You can rest assured that we will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations, and give you 100% satisfaction. In addition, to our quality products, we constantly train to maintain ‘state of the art’ techniques allowing us to carry out the best pest infestation extermination procedures available. The whole process will be carried out through our plan including a series of scheduled visits designed for your situation. Not to worry, if there are any problems that occur between visits we will schedule something free of charge to make sure that the pest extermination process is under control. If rodents are invading your residential or commercial premises, make the call to GTA Pest Control and we’ll be there to eradicate the problem!  (647) 264-0167