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Pest control in city of Milton

Milton is also one of Canada's fastest growing municipalities and with that, the need for pest control has increased dramatically.  GTA Toronto Pest Control Milton is a high-quality, professional group, driven by a team of experts who extend excellent guarantees for insect extermination and wildlife control services for Milton residents as well as for commercial establishments. Milton is well known for its restaurants and shopping and business owners in Milton rely on our Milton pest control service, our reputation and record for elimination of those seemingly impossible to eliminate pests.  It's what keeps us at the forefront of pest control. We are proud of our record of jobs completed on time and within our job estimate and always wish a 'bon appetit'

​WHY CHOOSE GTA Toronto Pest Control service ​in the Milton?

100% Money Back Guarantee - GTA Pest Control Milton's exterminators offer a No Questions Asked policy for all of our Milton customers; you must be completely satisfied with our pest control and extermination services.

Competitively Priced - GTA Toronto Pest Control prices all of its services to be affordable without any compromise on quality. There is no better option in Milton for cost/quality/results.

Skilled and trained pest control technicians - Our wildlife and pest control technicians are completely certified and have years of experience under their uniforms. We operate under all-inclusive insurance coverage.

Pest Control Operator Licence  Pest Removal Milton operates under the Ministry of Environment licensing to take care of your pest problems in Milton humanely and with the environment in mind.

​We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you require extermination services, Milton Pest Control will be at your service. Our Emergency Service guarantees extermination protocol starts that day. No flashy trucks, we keep them unmarked.


GTA Toronto Pest Control Company in Milton is a family owned and operated business since 1998.  The residents of Milton have come to expect outstanding performance from GTA Pest Control and we have no intention of letting anybody down.

Many of the areas and regions around Toronto began forming in the late 1700's. However, Milton was a bit later on the development timing and it wasn't until the early 1800’s that things began to take shape where Milton was basically untouched land other than the aboriginal cornfields that had formed and very small settlements started to pop up as the first Europeans began arriving. Most notably in 1821, Sarah and Jasper Martin from Northumberland England who settled the area now comprising Martin Street and the Mill Pond north from Main Street. As in the case of most burgeoning towns, a gristmill was erected using power from the famous 16 Mile Creek. Once the mill was fully operational it attracted settlers and Milton gradually became the focus of a thriving farming community.

In the 1830's the first schools were being built and by the start of the 1840's churches began to emerge. The name Milton was put forward by prominent residents in honour of the poet John Milton. The population was approximately 300. George Brown’s house and some of the other founders homes still exist and can be seen by interested folk as well as the Waldie Blacksmith Shop.  Some local things to take in:

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area  Take in one of the most beautiful spots in all of Southern Ontario, lush trees, bold-faced cliffs, hidden caves and 100's of acres of protected land.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area offers a rare meromictic lake and a 15th-century reconstructed Iroquoian village.

Halton County Radial Railway where you can see is a full-size operating electric railway and museum including historic electric railcars operating on two kilometers of scenic track. ​

The beauty of Milton is in its proximity to the Niagara Escarpment. There are hiking trails galore and reconstructions of trains and living spaces from pre-settlement days.  Residents and business owners of Milton keep it beautiful and clean.  GTA Toronto Pest Control understands the Milton and Halton Region very well, and its desire to remain a thriving and beautiful area.  We bring our industry leading pest extermination services in both residential as well as commercial sectors to the forefront so that we can keep mice and rat and other pest populations at acceptable levels.

Our pest control Milton team of trained experts never stop learning and updating their knowledge of products and systems and maintaining state of the art equipment to ensure that your home and your business remain free of pests and unwanted wildlife.  You can request a free quotation for the best pest control and extermination services from GTA Toronto Pest Control - Milton and continue to live worry free from inconvenience and diseases due to infestations of pests and animals.

Milton residents and business owners can do their part by maintaining their properties and structures so that life is made more difficult for invaders.  Trimmed lawns and gardens, proper seals at building entries around doors and windows and other services entries such as cable openings and other above ground entry points.  Birds and bats love to fly into open garages and are difficult to 'shoo' away. A small opening in the eaves and around the roof will provide a living space for a raccoon.  Mice will scout a place out and if they find food easy to access, they will move in.  You can't always keep your place pest free, that's why we're here, just give us call.

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Competitive pricing, guarantees on our work. 100% Money Back if you're not happy

Pest exterminator Milton offers a Money Back Guarantee no questions asked policy for all customers. Milton residents have become accustomed to great service and our industry is no exception. If you are not completely satisfied with our industry leading pest control and extermination services, you are covered under our Money Back Guarantee policy.  In addition, GTA Toronto Pest Control prices all of its services competitively, offering you the best quality pest control and extermination services at the most affordable prices. For low cost, industry leading pest control services, you will not find a better option than GTA Toronto Pest Control Milton.

When we visit your home or office you can be sure we are fully licensed, fully certified, have state of the art training and are fully insured.

​​Our pest control company in Milton employs skilled pest control technicians and exterminators for all our assignments. We are completely certified and licensed and we operate under complete, all-inclusive insurance coverage. Our employees are highly trained with years of experienced pest and wildlife removal whether you are in the city, in the rural areas of the GTA, or at your weekend home or cottage,

GTA Toronto Pest exterminators operate under an official Pest Control Operator Licence issued by the Ministry of Environment, Ontario and Department of Consumer Affairs federally.  You can rest assured that GTA Toronto Pest Control Milton takes care of pest problems conducive to the health of the environment in the most humane ways.

​Who We Are

We are a ​Toronto and Milton based Pest Control Company focused on performing the best insect or animal removal available.

GTA Toronto Pest Control Milton operates a state of the art fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest equipment and highly trained professionals to provide you with industry leading pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of pest exterminators in Southern Ontario are always ready and at your service to provide you with Emergency Same Day Pest Control Services that guarantees pest removal and extermination when you make your request. Furthermore, If you have a pest issue, just fill out our “Request a Quote” form on the website and we will get back to you right away with our extremely competitive pricing estimate. we guarantee the quality and extermination services pricing you'll be offered will make you happy.  We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you require extermination services, GTA Toronto Pest Control Company of Milton is at your service. Our Emergency Same Day Service guarantees extermination on the day your request was made discretely.

We are a responsible Pest  Extermination Company concerned with all aspects of environment and clean-up.

GTA Toronto Pest Control, the top pest control company in Milton and Halton Region, operates in a large number of cities in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario regions. Our pest control experts are highly trained in insect removal, wildlife removal and displacement, mice control and any of the other pests that create problems for you.  We are fully certified to carry out class leading extermination and pest control services. All our technicians are fully licenced under the Ministry of Environment. When you contract GTA Toronto Pest Control Company Milton, we assure you of our professional service and best quality pest removal services, and it's guaranteed using humane and eco-friendly techniques and chemicals to do the job.

GTA Toronto Pest Control Milton offers same day pest control services in a number of cities such as Bolton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Toronto, Whitby, Vaughan, Newmarket and more.  We also provide discreet unmarked vehicles upon request.

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