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Professional Home Pest Removal Services

We Remove Ants, Mice, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Rats, and More

GTA Toronto Pest Control delivers year’s long protection from a range of common home-occupying pests such CockroachMice, Rodent, Fly, Ants, Carpenter AntsRats, Flea, Mites, Spider, Termite, Bed BugsMosquitoes, Wasps Nest and all Spring Bugs. Our residential pest services in Toronto and GTA include periodic visits of our experts at your place so that you don’t have any problem of pests time and again. We don’t control kids, that’s your job.

Many new home builds may be susceptible to termites and early mouse infestation, and should be dealt with as the home is finished. Termite solutions include:

  • Use of non-cellulose building materials to deter termites.
  • Consider applying a preventive termite barrier to the property.
  • Use pest monitors to assess pest populations in the surrounding area.
  • Understanding which pest species will be a threat will help you determine what steps you need to take to deter them.
  • Understand geographic conditions.
  • Selecting a location for your facility near a water source might create additional pest pressures.
  • Sufficiently grade the property to prevent puddles from forming around the foundation.

​Remember, moisture attracts pests like mosquitoes and termites. Standing water can be prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes and decks that have constant food and oil droppings will always attract rodents of all sizes.

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Residential Pest Exterminators In Toronto

As per our plans that we may create with you,  we encourage you to make a free service so that we can take all the necessary precautions that may help to control possible encroachment and infestations. GTA Pest Control realizes that you may come across a pest problem between one of our two periodic service visits, in which case you just call us and we will respond asap without additional cost. In addition, if we fail to find a solution to your pest problem, our money back assurance program will be in effect. Our expertise and the testimony of many satisfied customers allows us to feel very confident in our services and that our money back guarantee is rarely ever called upon.  We will get rid of your pest issue.

Our pest control professionals are ready to serve you with their year’s long experience and advanced pest control training and products. We are always ready to respond to your queries and phone calls as we are well aware of how disturbing pest invasion can feel. Trust our trained management squad to resolve all of your issues, no need to look further for all your pest control requirements.

We are waiting for your call at our Local Number: 647-264-0167 so we can make your home safe and pest free.

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