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Squirrel Control And Removal
Services In The GTA

Squirrels, you’ll find them all over Canada, scurrying around and gather pine nuts, acorns and other goodies for the winter. Red squirrels in particular can be pesky because they have no qualms about setting up in your home or cottage for the season and moving things around to suit his comfort. Even in the summer they will set up where it moist and cool They’ll occasionally eat insects or other small animals. Red squirrels are hoarders and will store two seasons worth of food by hiding it in multiple locations that are moist and cool, like your attic. If they choose to nest indoor at your home, you will be subject to the noises they emit, which can become incessantly annoying, but indoor nests may lead to serious fire hazards when blocking vents or parked on wires they have chewed though in ceilings and walls.

Every animal has a purpose, (except mosquitoes maybe) and a squirrel does provide some benefit.  They are known to over store for the winter and often end up just dispersing their pickings of seeds, buds and nuts.  This actually helps the bio system and should be viewed as favourable.  However, they also do damage to trees when looking for their food. For other insects and animals:

​Out in the open, they have been known to cause problems with power lines but that is not so much a relevant pest problem. What can be a further problem is the potential for disease transmission such as Mange and Typhus and in rare events, the more severe Rabies infection.

Squirrel's Droppings and Evidence

​if you see oblong shaped fairly dark pellets, somewhat larger than mouse droppings, you are probably looking at squirrel droppings. So, if you find droppings in your attack that are both dark and lighter, you can assume squirrels have been visiting for some time. Obviously if you see squirrels around the house it will be best not to feed them or to make food available. Sometimes they will focus on bird feeders and you can either remove them or hunt for squirrel proof ones.

Deterring Squirrels

​If you have somehow removed squirrels your property, it’s wise to check that no young squirrels remain behind inside, ready to grow and start a new family. Seal any ways back in and make sure you trim tree branches that protrude over the roof of your home giving squirrels a jumping off point to your home. They will attack from the eaves and soffits once there.

squirrel control services

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Our Rodent control services are delivered by our professionally trained team of ‘best in business’ rodent exterminators in the Greater Toronto Area. If the red squirrel problem is severe, calling in a professional pest control may be needed to in getting rid of these bothersome rodents. We will devise the plan that will work humanely to eliminating the problem. You won’t find our pricing a deterrent; ,we will swiftly find the source of any problems and just as quickly will make you squirrel free.  Most pest management professionals have the expertise, GTA Toronto Pest Control is no exception.  Make the call and we’ll be there to eradicate the problem!  Our Local Number (647) 264-0167