About Skunks

Skunks are burrowing mammals who, despite their timidity, have adapted very well to living near humans in cities. Skunk footprints are most similar to bear tracks in shape and appearance, however, they are considerably smaller. Skunks, like bears, walk flat-footed, so their whole print leaves an impression on the ground. Striped skunks have stumpy legs and are sturdy tiny critters. They have tiny skulls, snouts that are short and pointed, and little black eyes. The white stripes that run up their backs and continue to the tips of their long, fluffy tails are their most distinguishing trait. Skunks often reach a length of 50 to 80 cm and weigh a little over 3 kg.


Skunks are typically hidden during the day due to their nocturnal habit. They are drawn to birdseed, pet food, and waste as opportunistic omnivores. Residents frequently smell skunk dens before seeing any indication of the creatures. Look for holes 10 cm to 25 cm in diameter under houses, decks, or woodpiles as indicators.


They may be found in farm fields, meadows, woodlands, and cities. Skunks are skilled diggers, but they prefer to use other species' abandoned burrows rather than digging their own. Skunks are relatively passive throughout the winter and spend most of their time curled up within their tunnels until spring arrives.


Skunks produce a foul-smelling spray that can inflict skin irritation and blindness when threatened or surprised. The greasy scent is famously difficult to get rid of, and the spray's stink lingers for days. The majority of skunk damage is caused by their digging through lawns in search of grubs and worms to eat once they've settled on a property.


Preventative steps, such as eliminating attractants from the vicinity of homes, will reduce the risk of a skunk encounter. Keep an eye out for conical holes in the ground. Keep an eye out for pushed-out dirt heaps, and secure any garbage cans. The attractants like bird feeders and pet food should be removed. Fences should be buried in the ground, and spaces beneath decks and porches should be sealed.

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