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The Cost Of Hornet Or Wasp Removal

By July 8, 2023No Comments

It Looks Like A Bee, But It Isn’t

Among the most fearsome of pests that could take up residence in or near your home, are hornets and wasps. These insects may be initially mistaken for the common bee due to their similar color pattern and small size.

But, unlike their fuzzy and friendly relatives, wasps and hornets are aggressive, territorial, and can deliver very nasty stings. To add to that, they often attack in groups. If the pain of a single sting wasn’t enough of a reason to stay away, wasps and hornets sting repeatedly, and more than 20-30 stings could be fatal. Avoiding these insects where you find them and calling on the appropriate experts is the ideal course of action. Many factors play into determining the cost of wasp or hornet removal, such as species, location, danger, and size of the infestation.

If you want to end any trouble with a hive of hornets or wasps, it’s best to leave the task to the pros: GTA Pest Control in Toronto provides professional wasp control services that are guaranteed to deliver lasting results. When they do the job, it’s done.

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The Kinds Of Wasps Or Hornets

In a pest control situation, It’s important to identify the type of pest that you’re dealing with, and it’s even more important for wasps. Here are some common wasp or hornet varieties that you might find nesting in or around your home.

Paper Wasps

While there are several varieties of Paper Wasps, in general this kind of wasp is normally thin with an all black body and yellow colorations on the rear. They’re so-called because they build their nests using a combination of organic materials and saliva (you read that right), resulting in a nest that resembles a paper mache project.


A Hornet is actually a specific kind of wasp. It’s rounder and more plump than other wasp species, and is less aggressive if left alone. However, this can quickly change with any disturbance to their nest or area around it. They’ve been known to kill larger insects by the power of their venom and their jaws. Least to say, they’re just as dangerous to humans.

Carpenter Bees

These are dangerous insects that look a lot like the garden variety bumblebee, but the similarity stops there. Carpenter bees are named for their unique nesting practice: dig holes in untreated wood that isn’t protected by tree bark. This makes their nests less visible, and harder to identify.

Interestingly, wasps (in their many varieties) never reuse nests, nest in one place past a full season, or nest close to any other nearby wasp colonies. After a full season, the inhabitants of a wasp nest will die-off, and a new queen will emerge to continue the cycle. Because of this, it’s best to call on professional pest exterminators to ensure that the job is done without any chance of recurrence.

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DIY you say?

Say you aren’t willing to hire some professionals for the hazardous task. This isn’t advisable, but for smaller nests, and if you aren’t afraid to get stung, you can try removing the pests yourself. You’ll need:

Protective clothing

Some clothing with protective padding all around, or a beekeeper suit to protect you from stings is a must-have for any DIY removals.

The Right Timing

DIY nest removals are best done at night, when the wasps or hornets inside are less active.

The Right Method

There are a few ways to go about the actual extermination: a shop-vac, incineration, or submersion into soapy water.

Regardless of whether or not you think you can handle the nest removal yourself, the safest and most holistic extermination or removal process can only be performed by trained technicians and experts. Before you decide on trying a DIY method, consider first that the safest way to remove any infestation is to call a professional pest control service. Check out GTA Pest Control’s About Us page to learn more about our service, history, and why we are up for the task.

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The Season Of Sting

After hibernating over the winter, the Queen is fully prepared to procreate during the spring, and come summer, goes about building a nest. Wasp or hornet nests start small, and sometimes may even go unnoticed because of their hard-to-spot locations on or in the walls of houses or any untreated wood in the area. However, the family that nests together, grows together, and the nest could quickly grow larger as the number of hornets or wasps living in it increases. These nests are like paper-thin apartments for the wasps inside, with any slight movement to the nest, or vibration or sound that reaches it, aggravates the insects inside, and makes them ready to attack.

Professional pest control services like GTA Pest Control take the time to perform a sweep of your property as part of their procedure in order to locate the source of an infestation. Locating the source of the insect infestation ensures that the pest control service can go right for the jugular of your wasp or hornet problem, and leave you and your family safe during the season when wasps or hornets are most active. Speaking of the procedure…

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Why You Need Professional Removal

Professionals do things the right way, this means following a procedure which will both ensure the successful removal of pests, and the safety of the people in the area. So how do you decide on the right team of professionals to make your property safe from wasp or hornet infestations?

1. Make sure they’re accredited

Check for a pest control company’s registration, license, and certifications. This is a sure sign that they’re real experts in the field with the right in-depth knowledge and set of equipment.

2. References

A great pest control company will leave a breadcrumb trail of references if they’re any good. Get in touch with any recent customers of theirs and ask about the service if you’d like.

3. Experience

If you want a pest removal that lasts, go with the professionals who have experience with it. A good way to do this is by getting in touch with the company directly and asking them pertinent questions about your property’s infestation and the solutions they can offer.

4. Chemicals

The right professional pest control will hold your safety in the highest regard. This means they minimize their use of dangerous chemical pesticides, or are at least well-versed on how to use it safely without endangering any people.

5. The Service Guarantee

Top-tier pest removal services in Toronto can provide you with a service guarantee. Something like returning to the site free of charge if the job isn’t done on the first removal session. This is very important, as only the most confident and experienced of pest control companies can give service guarantees like that.

Just to make your search for the right pest control service easier, the experts at GTA pest control are fully credited, can give numerous references, has operated since 1998, knows how to use chemical pesticides effectively and safely, and offers a 100% money-back guarantee for any results that are less than satisfactory.

Don’t wait around for the wasp or hornet problem to get worse, get the pros to do the job and live your life without worrying about paper nests and nasty stings. Head over to the GTA Pest Control website for more information on their services, or give them a call at: 647-264-0167​.

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