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Why Regular Wasp Exterminator Visits Are Important

By July 8, 2023No Comments

You might think you only need exterminators when you spot a wasp nest in your home. That is fair enough, but the best approach to keeping your home wasp free is to not take any chances. That’s why even when there aren’t any wasp infestations on the property, professional exterminators can still do you a HUGE service: Prevention. Wasps are always looking for the opportunity to live a good life at the expense of you and your property. It can happen again any time, maybe when you least expect it. In fact, wasps can remain undetected for quite a while (more on that later), only to reveal themselves at the worst absolute moments!

Summer time is prime-time for wasps to roam and disturb anyone in their path, as that’s around the time a wasp queen would finish birthing new drones for more dirty-work. Despite having a specific season they enjoy most, wasps themselves don’t just sit tight and wait for the summer. Instead, you can find a wasp infestation anytime during the year, especially if you don’t take the right precautions.

That’s why regular visits from wasp exterminators are so important! GTA Toronto Pest Control’s team of expert extermination professionals provide regular preventive measures against wasp infestations in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. While we can exterminate wasp nests upon sighting, the real importance of our service is removing even just the possibility of an infestation, so you can live your life undisturbed. Here are specific reasons why you wouldn’t want to wait for a wasp nest to pop up before you call us:

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Damage To Property
Fact is, wasps aren’t only dangerous to people, they’re also dangerous for your property. Wasps can sometimes choose to nest within the structure of your home. That means inside the walls, behind stairs, or even in an attic. Wasps have been known to chew through house structures in order to create openings for their nest, and this leads to extensive damage to your home.

Apart from chewing through walls, the longer you leave a wasp nest undetected, the bigger it may grow. Some indoor wasp nests may end up becoming the length of entire walls! So, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for exterminators to remove the infestation, and the more likely they are to alter your property structure (Tear open a wall or floorboard) in order to reach that wasp nest. Preventing this is easy with regular visits from a wasp exterminator.

Health Impact

Wasps can be vicious pests. There are some pests that spread disease, like rodents. Others bite, like ants. A wasp stings, but repeatedly without dying, and often it calls on it’s wasp friends for backup- turning what was a match between you with wasp spray and a wasp or two- into a frenzy of stings. Least to say, this is a worst-case scenario, but entirely plausible, especially without the right preventive measures to keep wasps away from your home and yard.

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Additionally, as if wasp stings weren’t painful enough, they can also cause a severe allergic reaction to anyone allergic to their venom. The sting of a wasp is so potent in fact, that even if the stinger has dislodged from the wasp, it can still cause serious pain and inflammation. Regular visits from wasp exterminators provide preventive measures so you can stay healthy and unstung.

Avoid Bother And Stress
Can you imagine enjoying a dinner with your family- food is delicious, laughs all around- only for it to be ruined by the sudden arrival of a not-so-pleasant houseguest in a yellow jacket. Pun intended. Wasps can be a huge bother anywhere, let alone inside the house or in the yard. The problem would be that if you see a wasp anywhere near or in your home, chances are, there’s more. You and your family could suffer from being harassed by these insects, who can get very aggravated from vibrations, loud noises, particularly if you or anyone in the house uses power tools such as lawnmowers or weed eaters. Even just a night in with music and laughter on the couch might be enough to beckon the hidden wasps in the house to stress you out in an attempt to snuff out your fun and good vibrations. If you want to keep the good times rolling at home, it’s a must to have professional exterminators visit regularly for pest prevention.

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Bang For Your Buck
Remember when we mentioned that hidden wasp hives can grow to the size of entire walls? Waiting until that fateful moment to call on the extermination experts will likely leave you with a bigger bill, for both the extermination and the renovations after. The cost of individual wasp nest removal varies depending on the complexity of the operation and the size of the nest. You’d end up spending up to $1,300 (on the big infestation side). Doing the exterminations or nest removals yourself won’t be much use either, as you might end up injuring yourself, your family, or leaving the job half-done. That being said, regular preventive check-ups from a wasp exterminator can save you much more in the long run, providing effective preventive measures at a fraction of the cost of individual wasp nest removal. Hence, getting regular visits from a wasp exterminator is a financially sound move.

Wasp infestations are no joke. The threat they pose to your health, property, and lifestyle cannot be understated, until it’s too late. Don’t wait for the moment wasps decide to start wreaking havoc in and around your property. If you’re looking for more information about our methods and products for wasp nest removal, check our Wasp Nest and Hornet Removal Page. Should you be interested in learning more about pests and infestations, take a look at our Blogs.

Our expert extermination professionals at GTA Toronto Pest Control consistently work their best to keep you and your family safe, and any pesky wasps out of your property for good. Our team is dedicated to protecting the client’s property, and delivering the maximum results. For pest control that lasts, and preventive measures that work long-term, Contact us.

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