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Time For A Pest Control Overview

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Pest control companies are fairly widespread and available.  There are so many that there obviously must be a need for them.  The fact is, there is a strong need for them.  With health hazards and potential destruction caused by pests, there needs to be an equalizing force that contends with infestations and insect and rodent problems.  No matter the pest, once indoors, most can spread bacteria and disease as they crawl through your cupboards, on countertops and over floors where feces and urine left behind can harm anyone, especially children as they roll around…

When we think of pest problems, there are many different forms.  Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to deal with and to exterminate; if you can believe it, they are the only living organism that can survive a nuclear explosion. Being a nocturnal bug, they pose major health hazards and need to be dealt with immediately upon discovery.  Why they are present also needs to be understood so as to avoid future cockroach infestations.

Ants are mesmerizing to watch.  The stamina and determination of an ant is something to behold, they can lift several times their weight for relatively long periods of time. Their colonizing habits are ages old and incredibly precise. But they are prolific and can wreak havoc on gardens, lawns and driveways even before becoming a problematic indoor pest. You may spot them at entry ways first, counter tops, tile floors, baseboards and even throughout your cupboards.  Another crawler causing problems; spiders are well-known household pests that are seemingly impossible to get rid of. Most are not venomous but they van be just as dangerous as disease and bacteria carriers as other pests.  

What about mice? They are known to be a health hazard through their habit of spreading disease and sickness.  Children have the most vulnerability to bites and scratches that can often lead to disease transmission.  Worst of all, rodent infestations can further attract additional pests such as fleas, mites, lice, and ticks which are not guests that you want. Sometimes homeowners attempt mice control for some reason on their own.  Admirable, but when they catch a couple of these tricky critters, they believe they have eradicated the mouse problem.  It’s usually just the tip of the iceberg.

While much rarer, bedbug infestations are extremely challenging and require a concerted effort to eradicate. These demons infiltrate every organic material objects such as clothing, furniture, carpets and any snuggly place available.  Most people are aware of hotel infestations, and any place people gather for that matter, and understand, bedbugs can happen to anyone.  Complete extermination is absolutely necessary because if even one fragment group is overlooked, an infestation can reappear in a short time. If you are getting an unexplained rash or bites as you sleep, don’t wait, call an exterminator right away for an assessment.

The bedbug’s relative, the Flea, is an incredibly elusive parasite that challenges us by hiding in plain sight. Vampires, they dine on blood for survival; in turn, reproducing at a very rapid rate.  Even when you spot them on your animal, or clustered in a corner, you are only seeing about 10% of them so professional extermination is usually required immediately.

Outdoor Pest Problems

Over the years animal habitats have shrunk drastically as people have continued to build their cities out into rural locations.  While we are likely to blame, more and more wild animals are driven away and forced into the very structures we are erecting.  We’re pretty certain that you don’t want skunks hanging around or racoons destroying your property as they make their home in yours and ransack available food sources.  Wildlife control is done humanely as is most pest control, and can be a big relief when done properly with a longer term solution.    

​Outdoor issues can be prolific as well and might appear by way of Wasp and Hornet populations including problematic nest locations. We encourage the removal and sometimes displacement of these beasts that can pack a wallop of a sting.  Pigeons, bats and other birds can become problems around your home if allowed to linger and not properly dealt with.  Bird droppings can pose health hazards as well.

There are many controllable pest situations that manifest in and around our homes.  And there many solutions available to us through retail or homemade methods. But your safest bet, and the surest way of avoiding health problems and recurrence of pest infestation is to reach out and call one of the many pest companies offering pest control (and extermination where necessary) services for immediate relief and for the longer term.