Green Jumping Spider

About Green Jumping Spider

Male and female green jumping spiders have quite diverse appearances. The male spider has a brilliant green body and a dark redhead. The front pair of large eyes take up half of its black face. Their abdomen is white and green in hue, with two black stripes on top. The legs range in color from green to dark crimson. A hairy white crown with black hair surrounds the spider's head. A fully developed male's body length is around 5/8 inch long, while a female's body length is approximately 34 inches long. The female's appearance varies, but she is usually leaf-green in hue. Females have a noticeable white patch over their eyes, as well as two black lines running down the top of their abdomen.


Green jumping spiders hunt throughout the day. They like to hunt for food and make their nests amid plants with long sword-shaped leaves. The bulk of their prey consists of insects and other spiders. Green jumping spiders live in a unique web nest that is divided into three compartments: males in one, females in another, and egg sacs in the middle.


Green jumping spiders are rarely a nuisance unless they can get inside a house through cracks around doors and the foundation. These spiders are mostly found in Australia's warm environment. They are seldom a nuisance for houses, although they can get in through crevices around doors and windows. Green jumping spiders have an eye-catching look and are simple to notice in homes.


When bugs enter houses, their webs can be difficult to remove. Green jumping spider bites are unpleasant and infrequent, and they typically have no major consequences. Green jumping spiders eat on insects and other spiders, and because they feed on their prey during the day, the risk of being bitten is lower than if they are fed at night when they are more difficult to notice. Some people, however, may suffer allergic responses to spider venom.


Spider prevention begins with limiting their food supplies, keeping plants that offer harborage away from the house, and correctly sealing holes, fractures, and gaps in the home's doors, windows, and foundation to assist prevent entry into the home's living space.

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