About Blowflies/Bottleflies

Blowflies, sometimes known as bottle flies, are bigger flies with a bluish-green metallic hue. Blow flies are little metallic insects that are around 1/4 inch in length. They may be divided into two categories based on their appearance: green bottle flies and blue bottle flies. Green bottle flies are shiny green with a bronze hue on occasion. They are active throughout the summer months. Blue bottle flies are metallic blue to black or purple in colour and are active in the fall and winter. Blow flies of both types may be found in both urban and rural areas.


When flying, these flies make a loud buzzing sound and forage near decaying flesh or meals with strong odours. Blowflies congregate around dead animals and are frequently seen around slaughterhouses, meat processing industries, and rubbish dumps. They mainly enter homes when they smell dirt or food inside, and they will travel great distances to feast, usually via any holes and crevices surrounding the house. The majority of folks that deal with Blowflies have a rodent issue.


Blowflies are more commonly seen in metropolitan settings and are rarely found indoors. When they are indoors, this might be a major issue since they may breed and deposit eggs, resulting in a significant infestation.


Blow flies are non-biting flies that may be found all over the world. They eat rotting animal carcasses and put their eggs on them. As a result, they can be frequently exposed to human and animal infections. To limit the likelihood of disease spread, it is critical to control blow fly populations.


To begin, get rid of any Blowfly breeding grounds that are attracting Blowflies to your property before using pesticides. Begin by cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as removing the rubbish can. Make sure there are no spills or residual rubbish in the garbage cans' bottoms. Remove any decaying or uneaten fruit or food that might attract blowflies. All foods should be stored in plastic containers. If you have litter boxes, clean them out. Insecticides containing pyrethrins are efficient for chemical control. Insecticide sprays for household use are available in supermarkets and hardware stores. Fly baits should not be used to control blow flies. These baits are generally made of sugar and include a chemical that exclusively attracts adult house flies. It is important to go through the instructions.

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