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Do bed bugs hate light?

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Bed bug eggs may also be seen with the naked eye, although they’re more difficult to notice. The colour is white or off-white/yellow. Bed bug eggs have an estimated size of a pinhead and resemble small grains of rice. They’re usually arranged in groups, which makes them simpler to recognise. Bed bugs prefer to lay their eggs in areas where they will not be discovered by other insects and hence will not be eaten. As a result, seek for them in the same areas you’d check for adult bed bugs, such as under your mattress.

Bed Bugs’ Aversion Towards LightDuring the day, bed bugs are less active. They’re photophobic, which means they dislike being exposed to light. They’ve learnt that coming out during the day increases their chances of being seen and hence killed or devoured. That’s why they only emerge while people are sleeping, so we can’t prevent them from eating. Bed bugs spend most of their time digesting their meal throughout the day. They’ll wait until the evening and night, when it’s safe to come out and eat again, if they’re not digesting. They will only become active during the day on rare occasions, especially if they are threatened. They’d try to flee if you flipped the mattress and exposed them to light.

Hiding Places

There are a couple of options for finding bed bugs throughout the day. But it’s crucial not to storm in with weapons drawn, tearing up tables and chairs in search of bed bugs. If you do, you risk encouraging the spread of bed bugs, which is the last thing you want. Bed bugs hide in dark places and are difficult to reach for anything else. Under a mattress is the most apparent example. They’re especially difficult to discover in gaps in the wall or under the flooring. Bed bugs may also be found in carpets, albeit this isn’t one of their preferred hiding spots. Underneath furniture, particularly in wood cracks. This is especially true of furniture near your bed, but they may hide in any piece of furniture in your home. It’s a good idea to look at neighbouring furnishings. A bed bug will usually prefer the mattress over any other location, but if you’ve recently brought some home, they may have gone in a few other locations. Particular attention should be paid to any wood-based furnishings. Bed bugs prefer to burrow into cracks and joints in wooden furniture.


Bed bugs are said to be nocturnal, as they prefer to find a host and feed on blood at night. It is a fact that they also come out during the day or at night when the lights are turned on to feed on blood, particularly if there have been no human hosts in the building for a long time and they are starving.