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How do professionals get rid of fleas?

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When you think about fleas, you might think that they only bother cats and dogs. Fleas can get into your home and use you as their host for the blood of humans. This can cause bites that hurt and itch, allergies, body swelling, and even serious diseases. The best way to get rid of these active fleas in your home is to act quickly and call a pest control expert or a professional pest management company. If you’ve tried to get rid of fleas using veterinarian-prescribed flea products in your home but haven’t been able to, it’s time to call in professional flea treatments for pest programs. If there are common fleas in the apartment or house you are moving into, you should have them treated by a professional and pest control expert so that the fleas and other annoying pests don’t spread to your pets, rugs, or furniture, and bedding inside cracks once you move in. It is also better to ask for the assistance of professional flea treatments before you use a chemical treatment like chemical insecticides as it is harmful to humans.

 It’s important to find a pest program including an exterminator and professional pest management company that you can trust if you want to keep common pest and wildlife pests as well as adult fleas away from your family, home, and pets. Flea populations can grow quickly because female fleas lay between four and eight eggs after each meal. This makes pets like dogs and cats very uncomfortable as they become the carriers of flea parasites. Species of fleas can spread from your pet to your home if you don’t get rid of them. Once fleas have taken over a home, the problem may need to be treated by professional flea treatments to get rid of them for good. Calling Bug-Off Exterminators or pest control professionals can help you get rid of wild animals, wildlife pests and fleas in your home faster than if you tried to get rid of them yourself. A professional pest control service to get rid of fleas can also help stop new flea infestation from happening.

Fleas’ Dwelling

 Different types of flea can be found in and around the house. Fleas are active insects that are hard to get rid of, which is the main reason you don’t want them in your house. They are blood-feeding insects that feed on warm-blooded animals and the blood of mammals including humans. Adult fleas lay eggs in your home’s cracks and crevices, your pet’s bedding and carpet fibres. The flea population can easily increase and have many babies quickly. Even if you get rid of the adults, the problem of flea life cycle could come back in a few weeks. Fleas can go anywhere a pet can because they travel on the bodies of animals and bring flea bites. Fleas will take over a lawn or garden outside the house. Most fleas are found in pet beds and carpets. Fleas could be living in the carpet fibres. Fleas hide in the fur in certain places on a pet’s body. Fleas can live as black specks on a pet’s neck, back, and stomach. If your pet starts to scratch in these places, it could mean that it has fleas. 

Inspection of Fleas

 To get rid of any types of flea is to find out where you have a flea infestation. First, you’ll need to figure out which pests are making your pets and family uncomfortable. If you have pets, there is a good chance that any flea problem started with fleas that were living on your pets. You can use a comb to look through the fur of each pet. If you see flat, wingless insects about 2.5 mm long moving between your pet’s hair or if you see red droppings on your pet’s skin, your pet probably has fleas and should be treated. Even though they can’t fly, fleas can jump. Fleas on your pets can spread eggs all over your home if you don’t treat them. The flea larvae are between 3 and 5.2 mm long and have an off-white colour. Larvae feed on organic debris, mostly particular the adult flea feces.

 You may have already tried some things on your own to get rid of flea activity. Some of these things would be treating your pet with topical or oral treatments that your pet’s vet suggests. You could also buy flea bombs, vacuum over and over to get rid of flea eggs and larvae, wash pet bedding and clothes in very hot water, or use insecticide sprays. Even though all of these methods might work in some way, none of them are 100% sure to work. If you have a severe flea problem, calling a pest Control Service is a good way to eradicate the fleas. Our team of licenced professionals can use a safe, effective spray that kills fleas and doesn’t hurt pets. These types of insecticides spray have a “residual” that keeps working even after the fleas die. We know exactly what methods and products to use to get rid of the fleas in your home. 

Flea Control and Treatment Indoors

 Fleas can live and breed in carpets, furniture, and even high places like cabinets and bookcases. The Bug-Off technician will go to those places and find a way to get rid of the fleas. Why are there fleas on top of my bookshelf? Fleas can show up anywhere in the house. What is going on? When a pet has fleas, the flea eggs can fall off wherever the pet lays down to rest. Fleas can get to places where a cat likes to sit or a dog likes to sleep. The flea droppings can be removed by having the carpet cleaned, and vacuuming the carpet always helps, but it should be done before the service so that the pesticide doesn’t get washed away.

 Fleas eat more blood as their abundance of food than what they need to stay healthy. The next thing they do is poop out reddish-black pellets. When the pellets dry out, they fall off the host and land on the carpet or ground, where the larvae eat them. 

Flea Control and Treatment in the Outdoors and Yard

 Fleas on contact can live in places where animals live, like under porches or decks, in crawl spaces, and the bushes and grass in the yard. The best way to get rid of any types of flea outside is to spray any places where animals sleep. Target the places where a pet spends most of its time, like under the porch or in the yard. Their bites make the skin itch, irritate it, and leave red marks. They can also cause allergic reactions. If there is flea activity on your property, there’s no reason to try to solve this difficult problem on your own. You can find peace of mind and take care of your flea problem by getting help from a professional. Book an appointment for our pest control company and flea control services.