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How To Get Rid Of Mice In The House

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Getting rid of mice is something we have been concerned with forever it seems.  Mice cause an abundance of problems once they move in and multiply at a fast pace if not dealt with promptly.  Their urine and feces can cause illness as they carry bacteria and diseases that can make people (and animals) very sick.  

As kids roll around and animals sniff their way around the house, contact with mouse infested areas is more than possible.  Cupboards and closets are a prime location for mice and their droppings as they search for food and protection.

As a homeowner, it’s usually best to call mice exterminators ‘near me’ but you can certainly look at these five popular methods to get rid of mice if you are game.

  1. Getting rid of mice using mouse traps
  2. Getting rid of mice using bait and poison
  3. Getting rid of mice using natural methods
  4. Getting rid of mice using a professional exterminator
  5. Getting rid of mice using prevention

​​Using Traps
Traps are usually the go to, the first attempt at getting rid of mice in the home.  There quite a few variations on traps but the most popular are the Victor Easy Set, the Snap E mouse trap and the Victor Electronic trap.  Easy set traps are the traps we all know best, are inexpensive and have a straight forward operation.  Setting them sometimes poses a challenge and can be painful when the spring snaps as you are setting it.  Snap E mouse traps are the best selling mouse traps and are usually safe and easy to use.  Made of strong materials, they are reusable and easy to empty.   The Victor Electronic trap is a favourite of do it yourselfers mouse wranglers and offers a humane way of exterminating mice with an electric zap.

Placing traps properly is key to complete rata extermination.  First, make sure you have enough traps, and then place them in locations where they may live.  For example, you can place them near baseboards where some small holes appear.  The attic is usually a great place to star and shelves where mice have been busy.    

Using Bait and Poison
While it is somewhat controversial to use bait and poison because of the potential discomfort a rodent can feel, it really comes down to the importance of mouse extermination and all of the potential diseases that can harm your family.  Proceed with caution when using poisons.

  • ​You need to use sealed bait stations
  • Always use gloves and toss them when done.
  • Poison is meant for use inside. Animals could be in danger outside.
  • Bait stations should be out of site, inaccessible to children and pets.

​Poison is effective and fairly quick if used properly.  I always advise property owners to work with pest control companies for safety reasons.

Using Natural Methods
​There aren’t a lot of natural methods available to rid yourself of mice in the house other than odors such as peppermint infused materials / products, and house with pets that are known to hunt mice.  Cats can be effective.  

Using A Professional Exterminator and Proper Prevention
This is our favourite way.  Professional mice exterminator technicians are trained to know where the vermin are, and the best and safest ways of removing them. Rodents can be tricky and can often evade the efforts of amateur mice hunters, the pros know how to zero in on where the mice are hiding and respond to all the evasive tactics rodents learn.  They will also inspect and deal with points of entry used by the rodents and make entering the business or home much more difficult.

Whether using home skills and devices for rodent control, or calling on professionals for effective mouse and rat extermination, it is always advisable to keep these pests out of your home or business in and around the GTA.  They are dirty, destroy furniture and lay waste to food.