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​Why Hire a Pest Control Professional?

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Do-it-yourself pest control is something we have all tried to do.  There are countless blogs and advice pieces available on the internet, and a visit to your local hardware store, or big box store will beget hundreds of opinions and products to help alleviate your mouse infestation problem. Swatting at wasps is no fun; yet spraying them with some off the shelf product only seems to aggravate them.

​There are many reasons why homeowners might start to find insects or other creatures scurrying about.  Perhaps bad weather has driven them to seek shelter.  Maybe there has been some sort of disturbance in the ecosystem around your house. In other cases, a pet or a visitor may have unwittingly brought them into the building.  Pests and similar rodents that infest structures and constructions are usually on the lookout for places that are warm and comfy. Since buildings are insulated and weather-proofed, they pose a safe and warm destination for pests to reside and the added inducement for them is the protection provided, these pests and rodents take shelter causing a nuisance for us humans residing there.  At some point they intrude into the surroundings, and objects such as wood, foods, newspaper, carpets, and other materials that they feel is well suited for comfort. Pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, wasps, termites, beetles, rats, etc. are generally found creating havoc and are terribly in need of extermination and/or removal.

There are products like insecticide and pesticide sprays to reduce the populations of a given pest, as well as traps for wildlife and rodents, but after using such products, the home-owner usually discovers that the nuisance returns after a short time regardless of the procedure.  In any event, you need to take care of the problem before it becomes an all-out infestation.  There are many excellent reasons to hire a pest control professional.  Start by trying to figure out why this might be happening. Remember that any information you can provide the pest control technicians once you decide to use them will be helpful.  It will give them a better of idea of where to start. The very best solution to reduce pests is to employ pest control services who are experts equipped with the very latest and best quality insecticides and pest eradication methods, which provide alleviation to the people. Pest control services provide affordable services which can be hired one off or by contract where they will provide maintenance at certain times or occasionally as required.

Do you live in an older home that is somewhat drafty?  If you do, it is possible that the critters you are finding and wanting to be rid of may be getting into the house via a loose door jamb or a window that is not sealed around the edges, or maybe the screen is torn. Check your doors and windows, especially in the parts of the house where you see the pests. Did you leave your garage door open over night?  Did you let water pool? Whatever the case, trust your pest control agent to get rid of the unwanted critters, and spend more time on prevention. Seal exposed openings, fix screens, seal refuse and garbage tight, trim branches touching the house; all of these preventative practices will keep bugs outside and raccoons off of roofs. Check your animals for fleas (and ticks), check your basement where it may be damp.  You might also arrest any mold issues that can take hold.  Checking your house may save you a lot of money on your future energy bills, clean-up and pest removal costs.

Pest control provides both remedial services and preventative services.  Costs will go down if you aren’t trying to eliminate pests all of the time as opposed to taking preventative action. For the relatively small cost of pest control with professionals, you can save tons of money on future problems from damage caused by animals and insects and their necessary removal.

To re-inforce the argument of why not do-it-yourself?, technicians undergo extensive training in how their products work and how to safely place them inside and outside of a home, and how to remove wildlife safely and free the rascals where they won’t wreak havoc.  Most companies have turned to environmentally friendly sprays and products that are safe for humans and pets. This is in stark contrast to the dangerous chemicals you can find at your local store and use without the proper knowledge.  Seriously, do you really want to attack a wasp nest? From any distance? There are so many better ways to enjoy your day than fighting vermin.