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How much would it cost to remove birds from a vent?

By July 8, 2023No Comments

There are several effective methods for getting rid of them, and removal costs vary. Here are some of the many techniques for controlling Canadian geese. A programme of egg removal or replacement, dog chasing, pyrotechnics and fireworks, goose trapping and relocation, and other activities. When it comes to pricing a bird removal, the size of your property, aquatic square feet, the size of the flock of geese, and whether eggs or hatchlings in the nest all play a role.

Almost everyone can identify the distinct sound of a woodpecker digging in a tree for larvae or drumming out a mating song in the hope of being lucky. What if a drumming woodpecker is ravaging your prized trees? What if a woodpecker starts pecking at your house’s eaves or trim? For one bird, simple eradication can cost around $100.00. There’s a tad more to it than just eradication if it’s a family. Again, as with all bird exclusion jobs, the size of the space to be cleared directly impacts the price charged. In most cases, a few hundred dollars will cover the cost of adequately netting your house to discourage birds and successfully relocate a woodpecker family.

Cost Elements

The Number of Vents

The number of the laundry room and bathroom exhaust fan vents in your home is the first factor to consider in bird removal cost. Each of these vents could be a home for birds. The average price of bird removal for your first vent is around $199. Bird removal services typically include:

  • Remove any birds from the occupied duct.
  • Clean the vent of all nesting material.
  • Sanitize the vent to remove bird lice and odours.
  • Install a bird-proof vent cover.

It is, however, critical to consider your other vents as well. There could be more than one active vent. It helps if you also think about bird-proofing your other ducts.

The Number of Bird Nests

If you catch your problem early, you may only have one active vent. If you put off dealing with the problem, the likelihood of having more active vents increases significantly. Birds nesting in your home, like a bird feeder, will entice others to join. Other birds looking to build a nest will see your home as a “safe bird sanctuary.” When this happens, your bird problem will quickly multiply, raising the cost of your bird removal project. It is critical to address the issue at the first sign of a bird infestation. The standard cost of removing an additional nest is $95.

Time Spent Living in the Vents

It is critical to remember that the longer you wait to remove birds from your vents, the more damage they can cause to the interior ductwork. Birds will chew through the ductwork. A one-way bird valve is installed to keep the birds out of the vent if this happens. The cost of bird removal can start at around $500, and it may take several times to remove the birds and repair the duct. Another disadvantage of not eliminating the birds as soon as possible is that they will attract more birds to other exposed vents around your home. This increases the possibility of additional damage to your home and additional costs.


The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects most birds, making it illegal to destroy a nest with eggs in it or if there are young birds that rely on it for survival. A permit is sometimes required to remove an active nest, but these permits are usually only issued if the nest poses a danger to humans or birds. To ensure that your removal is legal and by regulations, always hire a professional bird removal company in your area to remove an active nest. Aside from providing that the removal is permitted, an experienced bird removal professional can safely and humanely remove the bird and its nest, allowing you to avoid potentially costly problems down the road. They can also provide proper cleanup, sanitation, and preventative services to keep the bird away.