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What home remedies can I use to get rid of birds?

By July 8, 2023No Comments

This is one of the most common issues that every multi-story building faces. Don’t birds pose a threat to most of our homes? Following some of the home remedies, we’ve shared with you is the only way to keep these birds from wreaking havoc on your balcony and roof. These birds are brilliant. Even though they are harmless birds, they pose a significant threat to your home’s cleanliness. No matter how hard you pray to keep them away, they will return to your balcony or roof and continue to pollute the area.

Some people enjoy the company of these birds because they add to the beauty of your balcony garden plants. However, for some, they are a significant issue. It is preferable to find a way to drive these birds away before they begin to breed in your home and cause more havoc. You can now use some of the home remedies shared with you to get rid of birds from your balcony and roof. Give some of these home remedies for bird control a try:

Natural Bird Deterrents

Birds contribute to the outdoor environment in various ways, from feeding on predator insects to feasting on weed seeds. However, when feeding on fruits and vegetables in gardens, some birds can become pests. Native songbirds and blue jays are preyed upon by other birds, such as the sparrow.

Spray with chili peppers

Spices can be used as a homemade deterrent. Bird deterrents made from natural ingredients can also be quite effective. Wrap cheesecloth around a generous amount of a strong spice like chilli powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, or cinnamon. Without harming birds, hang them around your patio or on your windowsills to deter birds. Alternatively, you can simply sprinkle the spices along the railings and windowsills. Replace the spices regularly to keep the deterrents effective. Place dry green or red chilli peppers in water after crushing them. The solution can be infused in a crockpot for several hours or left to infuse naturally in sunlight in a clear glass jar. Spray any areas where birds congregate, such as trees and leaves, with a plant mister.

Baking Soda

To annoy birds’ feet, sprinkle baking soda on railings. If you have a patio or porch where birds and other birds like to perch, try sprinkling baking soda on the railings. Although baking soda will not poison or harm them, birds dislike the sensation of it under their toes and may avoid the area in the future. Alternatively, duct tape with the sticky side facing up can be a good alternative. Use more duct tape on either end to secure it to the railing.

Spikes Against Bird-Roosting

For a more permanent solution, use anti-roosting bird spikes. Anti-roosting spikes can be found in most home and garden stores, as well as hardware stores and online. They can be attached to parapets and open ledges, roof ridges, signage, railings, and external lighting fixtures, among other places where birds like to roost. They can create an “unimpeachable” environment for pesky birds if installed properly. Anti-roosting spikes are not harmful to birds, despite their intimidating appearance. They simply create a difficult landing and roosting surface for them. Anti-roosting spikes are costly and time-consuming to install. They are, however, one of the most effective deterrents and will last for years. Use a slinky (a coiled metal children’s toy) as a low-cost alternative. Simply extend the toy and use duct tape to secure it to the top of a railing. The coils’ barrier will act as anti-roosting spikes, making it difficult for birds to find a comfortable perch or roosting spot.