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How To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

By July 8, 2023No Comments

There are several ways to get rid of ants that are causing trouble in your house. There are natural ways and other methods to remove ant colonies from the house. There are two parties involved that can help to solve the problem. The parties include “you” and the “pest control technician”.

Your part involves taking care of the sanitation practices, cleaning the house regularly and keeping food sealed.

The technician on the other hand, will work to address your specific situation to determine the best approach for getting rid of the ants and keeping them out of your house permanently. This can include interior and exterior treatments, sealing up entry points around the home and placing insect growth regulators around the premises.

Some natural ways to kill ants include:

Hand soap:
Soapy water removes pheromones which is necessary for the ants to communicate with each other. Applying it on ant trails and entry points can result in removal of the ants.

Black or red pepper can be used as a deterrent for ants. Sprinkle it behind the appliances to keep ants at bay.

White vinegar
A solution of 50-50 vinegar and water, or straight vinegar can keep the ants away. White vinegar kills ants and also repels them. Spread diluted vinegar around the house to kill ants.

Coffee grounds
Brewed coffee grounds is a great repellent to keep ants away.
Pet bowls and plants are great attractants for ants. Sprinkle the coffee grounds on disposable surfaces such as index cards or windowsills. They lose their potency once dry up, so it needs to be changed often.

Other methods to get rid of ant infestation are:

Spread out ant baits: Spread out ant baits so that the ants carry them back to their colony and the ones inside die with them. This is mostly helpful when a new colony of ants is built up and there is not much to target. Ant baits are sweet edible materials mixed with toxic substances such as boric acid.

Spray pesticides: Use pesticides in your backyard areas. They may seep into the ground and kill the ‘queen’ ant thus making it difficult for others to survive as well. Using such sprays inside the home is not recommended because they can be infectious to humans as well. Destroying the ants before they enter the house can save you from any future trouble.

Clean on a regular basis: A clean and tidy house is uninviting to ants. They will have nothing to feed on and nowhere to breed. Make it a regular habit of wiping the house, cleaning the dirty dishes on time and taking out the trash.

Besides all the above mentioned measures, the best and most effective way to get rid of an ant infestation is to call a pest control professional. They are experts at handling ant problems and make your house ant-free.

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