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How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Even as you’re reading this, there are hundreds if not thousands of insects crawling around our homes. The ones we find in our backyards are not really bad, instead they help us.

Those backyard crawlies aerate the soil, keeping it healthy and firm. But, the ones roaming inside the house cause trouble. The worst part is that they often come in colonies. There has to be something which keeps them away and stops them from entering our houses! To that end, here are 5 effective ways to keep ants out so that you don’t have to suffer from any infestation problems.

The 4 most effective ways to prevent ants from entering the house are:

Clean on a regular basis: A clean and tidy house is uninviting to ants. They will have nothing to feed on and nowhere to breed. Make it a regular habit of wiping the house, cleaning the dirty dishes on time and taking out the trash. Ants do not need large spaces, they can easily sneak in through tiny entry points. So, keep the food sealed and use airtight containers to store food. Also, make sure there aren’t any bits or crumbs lying around for the ants to come and feed.

Spread out ant baits: Spraying on ants to kill them would not work because even if you kill some, rest are always there and ants keep on breeding. It is important to kill the ‘queen’ ant which produces more of its kind. To do this, you can spread out ant baits so that the ants carry them back to their colony and the ones inside die with them. This is mostly helpful when a new colony of ants is built up and there is not much to target. Ant baits are sweet edible materials mixed with toxic substances such as boric acid.

Destroy ant trails: Notice the path of the ants. Track down where they are leading their food towards. A simple application of a vinegar/water mix along the length of the ant trail is effective in disrupting the ants. Ants are clever and change their path instantly. You need to see the new path they are following and remove that too.

Spray pesticides: Use pesticides in your backyard areas. They may seep into the ground and kill the ‘queen’ ant thus making it difficult for others to survive as well. Using such sprays inside the home is not recommended because they can be infectious to humans as well. Destroying the ants before they enter the house can save you from any future trouble.

While these strategies work effectively, it is advisable to hire professional ant exterminator companies who have the right means to source the ants and to remove them. Their products are commercially available and they give out the best results! So, before you do anything consider these reasons to why you need an ant removal company.