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Rats and the Pandemic

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Everyone knows there are rats in Toronto. Most people are fortunate enough not to have had to deal with them, but for those that have, it can be a nightmare. There are several varieties of rats in Toronto. The most common are the roof rat and the Norway Rat.  Rats are not a pleasant pest to look at and they can also transmit diseases. If you notice a rat call GTA Toronto Pest Control and we will get on with the eradication. Norway rats live in burrows or at ground level and roof rats, as their name may suggest, live in trees or your roof. They may eventually move in as it gets cold outside.

Pandemic Connections

So, what does this have to do with the pandemic? Well, to understand that, rat behavior must be explained in a nutshell. Rats are creatures of habit. They establish a home that is near a steady food supply and gives them a safe path from the food to their domicile. Rats do not like change. They are suspicious of it. If their environment changes too much, they will move to a more desirable and “safe” location.

Before the pandemic, rats got a major source of their food from restaurants. They ate the leftovers, food people tossed out that was left from their takeaway, and so on. They had an endless supply of food in safe locations where no one paid attention to them. Now, suddenly, their food supply is gone. We’re sure they looked around for a restaurant that may have stayed open. They could have developed an app! But instead, they moved closer to your house. This isn’t saying anything about the way you keep your garden or leave out your trash, it only means that rats are resilient and smart, and they will adapt to their surroundings to ensure their own preservation.

Do You Have a Rat Problem?

Unless you are overrun with rats, they will keep away from you during the day. You may not realize you have a rat problem unless one runs in front of you on your way to taking out the trash in the evening. You may also notice them on your garbage bins or notice that “something” has been gnawing at the bin.

If you have Norway rats, one thing to look for is their home. They will burrow under the ground and set up an extensive tunnel system under your very nose. If you notice a hole in your garden that wasn’t there before, start to watch it. This will not be a hole like a squirrel digs to hide acorns. This will be a hole that is the start of a tunnel system.

If you spot this or any signs that you have a rat problem, call us immediately. The sooner you get a handle on it the faster we can take care of your rat problem.