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Squirrels and the Pandemic

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Just about everyone has seen in a squirrel. In Toronto and the surrounding areas, red and grey squirrels are the most common. Squirrels are in abundance probably helped by the fact that they produce two litters per year. But the pandemic has brought a new factor into play. Between people working from home and many businesses being shut down, aside from the general lock down, there is less traffic. There are fewer people about. This gives wildlife an edge they didn’t have before and their behavior changes.
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Most Animals Steer Clear

Typically, wildlife is frightened by humans. They run when they see us.  But with everyone at home, even human behavior has changed. Bored people may start feeding the squirrels. They are rather cute when they play with each other and do their high-wire acts on the electric and phone lines. But remember that, essentially, squirrels are rodents and come from the same family as rats. They also have the same bad habits such as chewing on your wires and trying to make nests in your home. Squirrels are more adept at that particular activity.

The squirrels’ climbing ability makes them aim for the skies. You will find squirrels in your attic more often than anywhere else. They will come in through the eaves of your roof or from your chimney. Why? Because they can. Your home also provides them with a safe, warm nesting place to have their children.

Squirrels Can Be Incredibly Unpleasant

Though squirrels may be cute and do not tend towards violence, they are not a pleasant house guest. If you think you have squirrels give GTA Toronto Pest Control a call. We will evaluate your situation and let you know what options you have. This is not something to put off or take lightly. Squirrels can leave unbelievably nasty stuff behind. There will be droppings of urine and feces, hair, materials they used to make nests, and hair. This can attract either other squirrels or simply bugs, like cockroaches. All of this will naturally leave an odor you may call, Eau de Squirrel.

In addition to what they leave behind, you also have to worry about what they damaged while they chose to room with you. Plus, you will have to correct the flaw that allowed them entry. Whatever it is, we will identify their entry point as we may be able to use it to make it their exit point as well. Call us today and let us get this issue under control.