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The Walls Have Wasps

By July 8, 2023No Comments

The classic horror film is actually called The Hills Have Eyes, but I have a horror story that’s just as terrifying: Wasp Nests in or near your home. Part of the species Vespidae, wasps are normally solitary creatures that rarely bother humans unless provoked. Provoking a nest full of wasps is easy enough to avoid, unless the nest in question is actually IN YOUR WALLS or UNDER THE GROUND.

Horrifying, isn’t it? Of course, wasps nesting in your walls isn’t always the case. They can be found in a variety of places, and pose an immediate danger the closer they are to people. Once aggravated, wasps can swarm their unfortunate victims with multiple stings that are not only painful, but in extreme cases, can cause a fatal allergic reaction. Making sure your home is free of any dangerous pests like wasps starts with identifying the source of the infestation: the nest. So, where could those wasps be hiding their nest? Luckily, we’re here to tell you.

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Our experts at GTA Toronto Pest Control are pest removal specialists who have years of experience eradicating pest infestations without damaging homes or endangering people. You can even check our blog for more information about pests and infestations. Because of our commitment to providing professional extermination services, we’ve made you a list of likely spots wasps would choose to nest:

Exposed Nests

This is a wasp nest that can be clearly seen hanging from a horizontal surface, perhaps from the eaves of your property or the branch of a tree. You’d be able to spot this nest in broad daylight. Dealing with an exposed wasp nest yourself is straightforward and easy if you’re too impatient to call the professionals. Simply purchase an aerosol hornet or wasp spray from your local garden store, then wait for the evening. Because wasps are less aggressive in the night, you can get close enough to aim at the opening of the nest and spray away. One moderate burst should do the trick, any more may alert the wasps and cause them to swarm you. After spraying the nest, leave it for the night, and return to check for survivors. If there are any survivors, finish the job with extreme prejudice.

Concealed Nests

Without proper removal, wasps can be exceptionally sneaky. Sometimes, they choose to build nests in our own homes, setting up shop under the stairs, in the walls, or in the attic. It’s easy enough to spot a wasp in your home with some patience, and one can follow that wasp to see where it returns in order to locate the nest. Once the opening is found (normally a crack in the wall or facade), DO NOT spray insecticide into the opening, as the entrance rarely lines up with the nest itself. Doing this may just anger the wasps inside and provoke an attack by a swarm of displeased stingers. Similarly, patching up the hole or covering it with something won’t work. Wasps can easily chew their way out and pop up in a different area in the house. Instead, the most effective method is to use an insecticide dust, which wasps will naturally draw closer into their hive due to their activity in and out of the opening.

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Ground Nests

Wasps are also known to nest underground. They favor repurposing vacant rodent burrows to save themselves the work of digging. Underground nests are most noticeable during the late summer months when wasps fly in and out of the nest more freely. Alternatively, one could stumble across an underground wasp nest when tending to their lawn or garden. That would be, without a doubt, a painful discovery. The opening for this type of nest can be seen if one knows where to look, but the nest itself will remain completely underground and out of reach. It goes without saying that removing an underground nest is a tricky thing to accomplish. Like hidden nests, underground nests are never built directly in front of the entrance. This makes liquid insecticides ineffective The solution to these kinds of nests are either a healthy helping of dust insecticide, or-

Calling The Professionals

Regardless of where wasps choose to nest, if they’re in the vicinity of your family and home, you don’t want to take any chances. The professionals at GTA Toronto Pest Control will ensure that your entire home and property is properly screened and protected from any infestations for seasons to come. Our expert Toronto exterminators are fully qualified and equipped with the best pest control products and technology to deliver a result that does not need to be repeated. We operate with a big focus on customer satisfaction by working fast to minimize any inconvenience to you, and employing the right techniques so you don’t need to call twice. You can check our FAQ for more details on our operations and products. If you want lasting solutions against wasp nests of any kind and in any location, contact us today!

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