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The Way Of The Professional Wasp Exterminator

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Enter, Pest Control Expert

Pest control experts can count on a variety of methods to get rid of wasps in and around your home. They employ insecticide products, equipment, and techniques to first locate the wasp nest, and then remove it without damaging anyone’s property nor health. To operate their equipment and properly use products and techniques, professional exterminators need to be properly versed in the many methods of removing wasp nests for your home. GTA Pest Control veteran pest control experts who work with a focus toward making the wasp removal process quick and stress-free for their clients.

The Procedure
Wasp exterminator experts tend to follow a procedure when checking your property for the extent of an infestation. This process is important, as it arms the exterminators with the pertinent knowledge and information they need to safely exterminate the wasps. Their process would likely look like this:

1. Inspection
Pest control experts will likely first perform a once-over on your property to find the infestation source, measure the severity of the infestation, and determine what preventive measures they can implement against further infestations. Gathering all this information allows pest control experts to formulate a proper plan of action.

2. Documentation
Experts can keep track of what they learn through proper documentation of information gained from the inspection. This also allows them to explain their findings to their clients, and inform them of possible follow-ups. Keeping clients in the loop allows exterminators and clients to align expectations and goals.

3. Education
The best defense against infestations is giving people an education of the pests that reside and could possibly reside in their home. By explaining the habitat, diet, and behavior of wasps, pest control experts can give clients helpful information that will further protect them and their property from harm.

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4. Sanitation
Wasps can be found looking for a meal close to trees, shrubbery, or the trash bin. Before deploying pest control methods, exterminators will often take measures to keep the surrounding area clean, so as to limit their activity and possible sources of food.

5. Wasp Control
Once the area is properly prepped, and the client informed of the necessary actions, pest control experts will then implement the appropriate method of extermination, depending on the size and location of the nest. It’s best to keep away from the infestation zone during this time, so as not to disturb the exterminators at work, and avoid any risk of injury.

The process may vary depending on the pest control service you choose, but all these steps are necessary for exterminators to perform their job at full effectiveness. Consider GTA Pest Control for a holistic approach to pest extermination that leaves no chances for wasps to return to your home and yard.

Before we start with listing the pest control expert’s methods of exterminating wasps, please consider this gentle reminder: wasps can be aggressive when threatened, and trying any of the following methods yourself without the proper knowledge and protection may result in injury, stings, and possibly a fatal allergic reaction. If you have a wasp infestation in your home, reading this list can be useful, but the prime move is always calling in the professionals. Here are the two ways professional wasp exterminators treat wasp nests:

Wasp/Insecticide Sprays
Most commonly used for unconcealed, hanging wasp nests, wasp sprays can be purchased from your local garden store, but exterminators keep them handy amongst their equipment. Due to their mix of chemicals that are fatal to insects, some insecticides are also harmful to human health, and therefore must be used with maximum consideration for the safety of those around, especially children.

When using a spray against a wasp nest, the exterminator will aim at the opening of the nest and spray a sustained stream of about 10-15 seconds. After that, they’ll step back to observe the results. Depending on how effective the first spray was, exterminators may give the nest another helping of the spray. After the wasps inside the nest are confirmed dead, they’ll then remove the nest from its place and break it open and treat it one final time before disposing of the nest entirely.

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Insecticide Dust
This is similar to insecticide sprays. You can also purchase insecticide dust in local garden stores. Applying dust is the exterminator’s preferred method of extermination for wasp nests that are concealed or underground, as it is more effective at this than insecticide spray. This is because openings of concealed or underground nests never line up with the actual core of the nest, and thus, insecticide spray will be rendered inaccurate.

Insecticide dust is either poured directly into the opening in the case of underground wasp nests, or onto and around the opening in the case of nests concealed within walls or other areas of the house. Wasps that travel in and out of the nest will inevitably gather the dust on themselves as they fly out, and in turn contaminate their nest when they fly back in. Pest control experts use caution when using dust, as this method requires a more delicate, tactful approach than just pointing and spraying.

For either method of removing wasp nests in Toronto, exterminators can be expected to carry out the task only after they inform you of the method they’ve chosen. The duration of a wasp nest extermination varies according to the size, location, and type of nest.

Our pest control specialists in Toronto prides themselves on their use of top-tier products and equipment, and the fact that the insecticides we use are safe for the environment. We prioritize our client’s safety above all else, thus our exterminators take good care to keep people and children away from the scene of the extermination, and work with maximum efficiency to finish in the minimum amount of time. To reduce any risk of infestation in your home, and eliminate the risk of injury from pests to your family, get in touch with us at GTA Pest Control to schedule your visit from our pest control experts.