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Where to Look For Ant Nests at Home

By July 8, 2023No Comments

Ants are hard to track because of their size. These tiny creepy creatures crawl wherever they want to and sneak in through the tiniest holes. If you want to find out where the ant nests are present in your home, look for some signs such as:


  • Wood Shavings
  • Dead Ants
  • Wetty or moisturised areas
  • Trashy areas

These are the most common indicators of a prevalent ant colony nearby. To get rid of ant infestation, one needs to locate them. To be specific, the common areas an ant colony could be found are:

Kitchen: Kitchens are definitely the first place one can think of, for ants to reside. This is primarily because it is the place where food, crumbs or leftovers are present for them to feed on and support their survival. A container with minute space is enough area for ants to enter and party in. Ants carry back food to their nests and sweets are the most loved food for ants. You need to make sure that even a small bit of crumb does not fall off while you eat in the kitchen and if it is so, then it must be cleaned on time.

Wall cracks: The tiny spaces or cracks are not visible to the eye instantly and ants do not miss an opportunity to make it an escape or build a nest in it. They wander in and out in search of food and bring the food back to the nest they created within a small wall slit.

Living space: People usually sit and relax in their living room in the daytime. The children play around all day, and that is where there are more chances of dust and leftovers. Thus, the place becomes a feeding area for the ants. Also, the ants present there can be tracked easily and eventually it becomes easy to kill them.

Bathroom: Bathroom is a place where there are chances of wet floors and moisture-filled areas. The standing water attracts the ants. The pipes and drains become entry points for them and they breed easily in such an area. It is important to control and kill them in time so that their population can be controlled.

Trash Cans: It is an obvious reason that ants cannot repel garbage. If the trash stays inside your home for a long time, it can increase the chances of ants entering and building a room for them in the house. It is necessary to take out the garbage and trash on time so that your house is mess free and ants free.

Air Conditioners and Heaters: Often, when the inside of ACs and heaters get dirty, ants find a way in and settle there. Regular repair and maintenance of these appliances is a must to keep the ants away from entering the ACs and ultimately prevent them from making a place in the house.

Are you struggling to locate and kill the ant colonies built up in your home? Well, we have a possible solution. Our team of experts can help you solve the problem. Contact us today and get rid of ant infestation now!